Nothing Is Impossible…

Not every puzzle needs to be solved.
Not every riddle needs a solution.
Not every query needs a reply.
Not everything needs to be tagged, explained, numbered and filed away.

Many times, it is the mystery of the answer that drives us; the idea of the
question itself. It’s not always about knowing the outcome so much as taking
the journey.

I say this because people get so obsessed with “solving” their
mysteries instead of just accepting them. Not only will you never have all
the answers (and what a damned boring life it would be if you did), but
those you DO come to learn will come slowly over time. You can’t expect to
know everything about yourself in a day or a week or a year.

It’s ok to learn. It’s ok to ask. It’s ok to listen. But they don’t need
nicely defined resolutions to make them any less valid.

I see people all the time longing for something that will make them feel
like they understand, or that one, vital thing which will make it alright.
The whole while, they are missing that it IS alright and that the idea is
the process of learning and being.

Seek for answers but do not require them.
Ask questions but accept them as they are.
Enjoy the journey instead of waiting to arrive at the location.
In this, you will find comfort, and solace and wisdom.

2 Replies to “Nothing Is Impossible…”

  1. good advice

  2. purity of an aged wisdom and wondrous insights Amber …. yoo Rok … and now, sum word-o-grandeur for me wall! ~solace~

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