It’s a big world out there, sometimes you can feel yourself being caught up in everyday life that you don’t really realize that there is so much more waiting for you in another place. It’s mighty scary to take that leap into the big unknown. But once you do it you may just find your place in the sun.

Thanks to TimTV for this very inspiring post. Another blue haired gift to Greenville, he also just moved from Michigan starting a new life here and founding The Greenville Gaff Contingent and Inner Cirkus.

“Once upon a time there was a place I was when I didn’t know where I wanted to be. It was an in-between place. That is to say, I wasn’t where I once was when I was in the place I was before, but I was not yet in the place I was going to be. The echoes and shadows of the former world lingered, creeping with its gray fingers into the cracks and seams, threatening to choke out the light and life which beckoned from the other side and toward which my leafy green shoots and tendrils curled. With might and mane I pressed for stability so as not to slide backward; I fleshed the mobility through which to stride up and out, over and beyond. And now, I am here. The last gasps of the black past passed back into the vast gap, and only in fleeting moments do the haunting shadows and echoes and stains remain. Before me, an endless hall of sunrise, each new day complete with the renewed promise of redeemed purgation; each folding and unfolding like a garden of mirroring suns, awaiting my face to illuminate any unreached corner of the bright fresh world before me. All this has always been here, but only now do I have the eyes to see it. Every day; reborn eyes. And with this, the responsibility to keep it safe and precious and unsquandered; to lay each moment upon the last as a gilded stairway to an unknown star. To do otherwise would be unjust. The Universe was sincere with this gift; this chance… to let it go unrecognized would be tragic and selfish. And so I write, if only to remind myself of what I am to do; to be; to know. Let this voice drown out the others. Let it clear the clouds, that the gravity of my path find me that much more clearly. Once upon a time called now, I am here, tendrils reaching once again toward the sun.” -Tim TV

I absolutely love it here in Greenville. I finally feel like I can become the person I have always wanted to be. It’s very liberating and exciting to know that there is a future for me in this area that I could have never had in a larger metropolitan city.

This town is quite amazing, I have done lots of traveling all over the world and I never have found a place where I have went “I totally want to live here” until I came to Greenville. People are so friendly, the local event and art scene is rising and it’s so beautiful. I always am downtown in Falls Park expecting someone to yell “Cut! Alright, it’s a wrap” it just seems so movie set perfect. I still am convinced that the trash is picked up by squirrels, since there is rarely a piece of litter on the ground.

Did you know Greenville is extremely cheap to live compared to many other places! Greenville is the 3rd Cheapest Place to Rent in America! (Thanks to @Thepetshopboy for the link!)

What do you love most about Greenville?

-Miss Destructo

3 thoughts on “Finding your place in the sun…”

  1. I’m with you all the way here. I’ve had the pleasure of living in Greenville for over half my life now. I’ve visited a lot of bigger cities and while they offer a lot, there’s just something that Greenville’s got. It’s got a small-town sensibility without the inconvenience of living in a small town (and without the overwhelming bustle of a big city).

    I love the music and arts communities. As a movie buff, I only wish that the filmgoing community were stronger. As it is, a city of this size should have more than three movie theaters (two of which are run by the biggest theater chain in the country). Places like West End Movies surely help, but I wish we could get interest in a theater that showcased smaller, recent indie films.

  2. Yes yes and yes.

    We need indie screens here. *NOWZ!*

    Love the “Send More Cops” blog of yours, even though Tarman scared the crap out of me as a kid.

    You may enjoy this.. I attend a festival in Orlando called Screamfest nearly every year. My dad is a big horror movie buff so he dresses up as Captain Spaulding and has a grand ole time. They also have a zombie walk there.

    Here’s a video..

    Could you imagine a zombie walk in Greenville down main street?
    Invading the trollies?!!?!? MUAH HA HA HA HA…

    Hmmm… closer to halloween we may be able to do this!! :)

  3. Glad you found a lovely place to call home. Hope all goes well and you find the perfect job for you.

    We have a lot in common as to your love of music, the arts and your blue hair. I love doing funky, fun things with hair, and turned my daughter’s a gorgeous brown with pink highlights at one time. Now we are trying obsessively to go as red as we can.

    Rock on, gorgeous!

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