Happy 11th Birthday Spike!

One thing about coming to Greenville that was the hardest for me is leaving my Chihuahua Spike back home in Florida with my Dad. Or as my dad refers to him as “His Grandson”, the two are inseperable so I thought it would be best for both to have each other in their golden years. I sure do miss him though, he’s quite the personality and he’s been my best friend for eleven years now.

Among his addiction to creamsicles, he loves Starbucks (we don’t really let him drink it, he just will try to open the cup and then not let us touch it…)

Now I know why we named him Ceasar on his A.K.C. papers. It’s always good to know that at least my coffee supply back at home is protected. I miss the little bugger.

-Miss Destructo

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  1. thebrandbuilder says: Reply

    Happy birthday, Spike!!!

  2. RestedTraveler says: Reply

    Ya, Happy Birthday Spike! In indirect celebration of your birthday (before I knew it was your birthday), my daughter chose “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” for family movie night.

  3. Happy Birthday Spike! He looks like a fun little dog! Made me miss my little buddy Zeus who died last year after 16 years by my side.

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