Henchmen’s Mail Bag: Marketing Miss Destructo

Miss Destructo’s Henchmen
They are supposed to be responding to fan mail…
I think the one on the right is on Twitter.
(Thanks to @Teammummy for the illustration and Jackson Publick for the background)

One thing about running a blog or any website is that time from time you get those pieces of emails that sits you back in the principle’s office after you set off all the fire alarms. Someone once said that you aren’t successful till you have critics. I don’t know about successful, but I am happy being a social person and meeting amazing new people even if they have something to say that I may not agree with or comes off sounding a bit harsh.

As long as it’s constructive and not spiteful, it’s a a great learning experience and some people may actually be asking those questions that you haven’t brought yourself to face or they themselves can’t exactly pinpoint the key to your success and are curious to know how you may have done it but not knowing the right words to say.

Well, today I got a little piece of advice from a professional marketer Mr. M which for me turned out to be more like a retrospective look at Destructo Deviations and how it may appear to some readers. Honestly, at first I wanted to call the henchmen, cry or eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s but then I realized that it was all just a helpful, thoughtful look from an outside reader. This person really does want to see me succeed and I greatly appreciate the help. Especially since this post could be very helpful to future readers and possible advertisers to really see what the mission is here at Destructo Deviations.

“So far, all I’ve seen on your feed is hair color and you-you-you. That’s interesting enough, I guess, for a day or two, but someone in marketing communications might want to see a little more than that. Like what (and how) you think about marketing or current events or issues that relate to certain demographics (outside of the yam eating, blue haired demographic, that is). Or just about anything other than a continual repetition of hair color and photos of hair color and discussion of hair color and, well, you get the idea. People in my field want to know how people think– and how they think about a multitude of subjects– more than anything else. That’s what keeps us interested and gives us a clue that you (as a marketer or advertiser yourself) will be able to keep a variety, a range, of other people interested, as well.”

Wow. *takes a look at my feed*

You are right Mr. M, it has been a lot about hair recently and myself. Honestly, I would rather talk about a fascinating new book on human history I read but no one responds to that here. (Note: The Hottest Twitter Men in Greenville post… off the chart!) *laughs* It’s all about demand I guess, I just write about what people are interested in the most. It seems this is very successful in reaching out to the demographic in this area where alternative haircolors aren’t seen everyday. People get a kick out of my life, I get tons of requests for updates on my hair status, or tips on how to accomplish hair perfection. Again, I would love to write about Carl Jung or my life in marketing. But people aren’t interested in that, they love my strange life, odd diet habits and blue hair. But that’s exactly what I set out to achieve here in this once sleepy little town, to inform and inspire about some of the out of the normal things here in Greenville and beyond.

It just seems that ironically I have become one of those odd things about Greenville that people are interested in. Now after looking at the bigger picture, realizing that South Carolina has one of the largest unemployment rates I figure what better way to market products and companies than to divert some of the attention my hair/website is getting into money for not only myself but for others that may be struggling with their companies marketing budgets right now, since honestly… I work for yams. While in the meantime getting my message that nothing is impossible. Even for us blue headed, yam eating folks.. :)

Thank you again Mr. M for your time writing me and your honesty, it really gave me insight on my own marketing and really let me see that I have a great niche here in Greenville. Albeit my writings may seem self-centered and strange to outsiders it works very well here! However, sometime I am going to throw in a post on American history whether they like it or not. It’s still my blog and I’ll bore them if I want to! :)

Just kidding folks, I love my Deviants and it’s all blue hair and yams from here on in at Destructo Deviations if that is what YOU want. As much as it may seem about me, this blog is about you! Everyone reading this right now, the people in Greenville and beyond that are interested in some of the different sides of life and accomplishing dreams.

I am just the medium, exploring my life and some of the odd things about it so that I may just inspire someone else. I flow off of the reactions I get from feedback like the above as long as it is constructive, professional and not hateful, to form and evaluate what the next step should be for Destructo Deviations and for myself. If any of you want me to check something out… I usually do, and I like you betcha it’s gonna be talked about on here.

I am your eyes, ears and blue hair of Greenville.

Talk to me,
-Miss Destructo

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  1. Karen ^..^ says: Reply

    Remember this: This is YOUR blog, not Mr.M’s. You are always going to get people who do not always like what you have to say, and the sad thing is, whereas it is our choice to read or not, it is also our choice to ruin someone’s day or not with a shitty comment. There’s simply no reason for it. That was a harsh chastisement, and I feel, uncalled for. I’ve gotten some negative feedback on my blog, but on the whole, it is positive. I write about what I like, and my readership responds well to it. Same as yours.

    Someone was simply having a day where he (or she) wanted to make someone else feel just a little bit worse about themselves, and it was not very nice. Ignore it.

    Jealousy and sour grapes are not good characteristics, and should be ignored.

    It’s a blog, for Christ’s sake. Not homework, and not a college thesis. Why are people taking it so seriously or personally? I happen to enjoy what you write. I’m sure most of your readership does too. Screw the naysayers. It is YOUR blog, and you should be able to write about whatever you want without fear of reprisal. Please do not change a thing.

    Ok, that is my opinion, and perhaps I should have kept it to myself, but then again, I’ve gotta be me. I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

  2. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    Karen, you are like my second sister. I heart you! :) :)

  3. NY 2 SC Chick says: Reply

    You tell ’em! I think Mr. M may need to take a deep look into his so-called marketing practice himself and realize that the WORST marketing is something that is made up, phony and what “people in his field” want. With that I don’t consider myself in his field because quite frankly as a marketing/PR professional I know what you are doing so effortlessly is what I WANT to see.

    And for those who are good know the BEST marketing and PR stories are those that were simply accidental. And by accidental I guess I mean this: Maybe they came to fruition because it wasn’t something a typical marketing person would think would sell but it in fact did.

    I urge you to read “Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands”

    While I don’t consider you ordinary…you are that uber cool chick living in Greenville and my source for new hotspots.

    This book really turns the marketing and branding world upside, throwing the old school tactics and ideas out the window. It’s not bad.

    Keep doing what you are doing…its proven people like it too, you’re the #2 Twitterer in Greenville…rock it!

  4. Eric C. says: Reply

    I can promise to comment on everything you said nobody would be interested in.
    That’s why nobody talks to me at parties.

  5. Karen ^..^ says: Reply

    I am like your much, much OLDER sister, heh.


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