Miss Destructo on the News!

My Easter morning was a early one, I got up at 5am to head on over to the WYFF station for my exciting interview about Destructo Deviations for the Sound Off South feature for WYFF here in Greenville. Some of you may have seen my little blue head filling up your TV screen while you were trying to round up the kids. It was funny afterwards when I was at Starbucks and a whole table of people went “Hey! We saw you on the news!!!”. Aww, shucks.

Part 1 of the interview here… Miss Destructo’s Interview on WYFF Pt 1.

Watch part 2 of the interview here… Miss Destructo’s Interview on WYFF

Thanks to WYFF, Kelly and Sound Off South for inviting me over on Easter Morning.

2 Replies to “Miss Destructo on the News!”

  1. I saw the interview, I thought you were incredibly well spoken and composed. Despite your current job status, you seem upbeat and positive. Way to go! Great interview!

  2. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    Karen *muah* *muah* Thank you so much!
    Part one of the interview is now linked on my website. :)

    Yep, I think things will be more than all right soon!

    You have amazing hair btw!! :)

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