The Power of Yams…

Yams at Big Lots! SCORE!

What are Yams?

It’s amazing how one little thing such as a yam holds a powerhouse of nutrition. Yams are low in calories (just more than 100 calories per medium sweet potato) and a great source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium. It’s really become a mythical creature gone the way of the unicorn, you hear about them but few have actually seen one. Here’s the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes from the folks at Moving Box Studios. (Yes, Bruce’s Yams are actually sweet potatoes! I know it’s confusing but we call them yams.)

Why Yams???
They are tasty, healthy and cost effective foods that I eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be used for baking cookies or cupcakes. Even working on a “Destructo Roll” for a sushi place, a tempura yam roll with a spicy kick! Delicious! Everyday I set out to educate people on my favorite food since alot of us are now out of work and this is a cheap, healthy food that can be used in TONS of ways. The yam in the meantime has become sort of a encompassing object of everything that Miss Destructo is about. It’s just like me, different, sometimes misunderstood and colorful. Also just like me a little yam holds more potential inside of it than most can see from it’s simple country background. I guess I yam what I yam.

Will Work For Yams
Recently the yam craze has hit Twitter since I mention my love for yams and I find myself answering questions about them almost all day long. People have been saying “You know, I was at the store today and I thought of you when I saw the yams” so I thought, well, if I am that associated with yams might as well have a brand behind it. Since Bruce’s Yams are always my choice I thought I would ask a few people to help me write Bruce’s Yams to see if they wanted me to help them create more of a presence on the web. Because remember, I work for yams. Might as well, REALLY work for yams.

The can of yams has been opened.
Anyways, what I thought would be just a few close friends became a massive letter writing campaign to Bruce’s, out of the bunch my favorite was from Author, Actor and Fellow Blogger Brian Spaeth who wrote this Yam Manifesto to Bruce’s Yams. His whole yam-mission is here at this blog “Brian’s Thought About Airplanes” … (the actual full length version was two printed pages)

Miss Destructo loves yams, and thus it is why I write you this day of yore. Perhaps it is in our darkest hours, sirs, when the light may shine brightest? Perhaps the tempest of prophesy is upon us? To quote from Hamlet, if I may, sirs, and please excuse what mayhap, sirs, be construed as hyperbole:

“NAY, FATHER! NAY! NAY! NAY! WHAT DOST THOU DO!? NAY!” The message then, sirs, is clear. Allow me to establish a quagmiric layout of procedural tempest with which one may assuage the binary methodologies, sirs, with which Miss Destructo may benefit your multi-state conglomorate of food supply business doings, sirs:

1) A three-pronged attack of social media, sirs, encompassing the following, including, but not limited to, sirs, the aforementioned Twitter, the venue by which I became associated with Miss Destructo in no less than three mannerisms. Tempest, again – you see this now, I assume.

2) Tempestual matters of this sort as shall be discussed, sirs, related to what we in the industry refer to as “Facebook Tempest” or “The Facebook Tempest”. A redux will perhaps be necessary, sirs, in the event of quakes of thine earth. Hurricanes known to be traditionally more dangerous amongst the smaller of the human race. Height, being an unqualified advantage in times of peril and yore.

3) Singular interactive and holographic marketing techniques to the consumer, wherein and whereby the tempest become the customer, and yet, sirs, the product. Still the tempest. And so, thereby and furthermore, is purchased.


4) Youth of Merica of missing A – it goes at the start. They shun them! The products, for in exchange of lollipops. Give them their yams! She will say from the roof and mountaintops. Alternating same, sirs, on Tuesday or yore.

Thereby and of above, sirs, shall revenue and viral marketing direct via social means, thus the tempest merchant of revenue is amplified. ROI – high.


See there! Tally-ho! The love demonstrated and the love forecast, broadcast, sirs! Like sands through the hourglass! She is your salvation. The Alpha and the Omega of thine own being. And of commerce. I am available as consultation on methodologies by which it is best to acquire the services of Miss Destructo, as whereby, sirs, should it be deemed necessary. In demand is what it is they say of this tempest of a female marketer.


Brian Spaeth

Word up is right. I was completely flabbergasted at the outpouring of awesomeness that Brian and many other very special twitter people and Deviants wrote. Completely amazing that people worldwide reached out and told Bruce’s of my love for their product. I can only imagine what the people at Bruce’s yams think about this. Tres Cool! Does anyone else have their letters to share???

Cause I’m your lady and you are my yam.

-Miss Destructo

6 Replies to “The Power of Yams…”

  1. One of the worlds mysteries solved. Can you work on Swine Flu now?

  2. Wait a minute, a Yams and Sweet Potatoes are not the same thing?

  3. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    Barry- Your wish is my command. Check out today’s post :) :)

    Galley- Well, what we call “yams” in America are actually sweet potatoes. Yams are native to africa and are completely different than a sweet potato. I know it’s awfully confusing.:)

  4. Wow. Just. Wow.
    Thanks for the yamtastic info, and that vid is made of 100% pure yam sauce.

  5. An American Girl in the UK says: Reply

    Yams are also supposed to be the magic bullet for promoting hyper-fertility and "engineering" twins.

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