Twitter: The Bird is The Word!

You have that song stuck in your head yet?

That little ditty is a good example of what being on the social networking site Twitter is like… a repetitious, addictive, short phrased wonder that can either bring total joy or be an utter annoyance.
Something that is certain that Twitter is here and isn’t flying away anytime soon, over the weekend I overheard at least ten conversations out in public that were about Twitter. Surprisingly they weren’t in 140 characters or less, as some of us Twitter folk have found ourselves doing in real life conversation. It has become more than a trendy, new site but a new way to communicate. Seems like the bird IS the word these days.
Why Twitter?
If you are going to network you might as well do it in your underwear.(Thanks to @Nullvariable for repeating this on “Why Twitter Is Great For Networking?” during his Greenville Social Media Club presentation on “Twitter in Twelve Minutes“)

Not only has it changed my life, but has allowed me to meet people I may have not been able to even if I spent all day in meetings or social events.
It’s better than a mirror. if I ever need a question answered,I usually just ask my twitter friends and someone will have an answer. This works great for food recommendations, job tips, music, you name it someone will have an opinion. I have even seen people post Twitpics from dressing rooms when they can’t decide what to buy.
I tend to use Twitter Search more than Google nowadays, why? Well, if I am looking up information on a topic I can usually find tons of personal reviews or information on it immediately. For example I recently wanted information on the Flip Mino and found tons of people on Twitter search that recommended the Kodak ZI6 instead.

Tired of Internet based job searches going nowhere? Find Yourself a Job Through Twitter!

New to a city? Looking for friends and events? Get involved with your local community!
Some Awesome Twitter Tools!
Twitter Karma– Find out who you are following and isn’t following you back. Someone not posting at all? Get rid of all those people that are just lurking around your twitter account.
Twitalyzer– Find out how much influence you have on Twitter and a possible way to measure your brand’s twitter ROI? Great Article on this at The Brand Builder.
(To my surprise, I am ranked number #2!)
Tweet Deck– I personally use Tweet Deck. I like the customization and find it very helpful when I want to keep track of a certain group of people, search terms and it also notifies you when you get a new reply message or Direct Message. It can be a bit slow at times if you have a large number of tweets coming in at the same time.
If you are new to Twitter check out my post “The Strange World of Social Media” for some tips!
Happy Tweets To You!

4 Replies to “Twitter: The Bird is The Word!”

  1. Jenny, the Bloggess says: Reply

    Plus people find you on twitter and come to your blog to ask you to email them about how you got your hair that awesome shade of blue because I totally want a streak.


  2. Miss Destructo says: Reply


    It’s blue mayhem by Special Effects!

    Here’s my handy dandy dying guide!

  3. Every time I hear "rockin' robin" I automatically think of twitter. >_<

  4. Great post! I have been blogging for a while, but I (finally) started Twitter just a few days ago. These links are really great for a newbie like like myself.

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