Twitter is PEOPLE!


The other evening I had a great idea for a Twitter related shirt, declaring “Twitter is PEOPLE!” giving reference to the movie Soylent Green and also the social aspect of Twitter. I totally want one and after seeing how many times that phrase was retweeted after telling the world my plans I was thinking of producing the shirt myself. But not knowing the legalities, I asked my Twitterfolk what they thought I should do! (It’s like having a 24/hr advice panel!)

A few people mentioned the clothing company Threadless and their new Twitter related “Twitter Tees” that are submitted tweets that are voted on and then printed as a new shiny t-shirt. The submitter of course gets $360 dollars cash and a $140 gift certificate to Threadless, which could buy alot of yams, t-shirts and t-shirts for my yams. : )

I have been a fan of the Threadless line for years now and thought I would give it a shot, so here we go folks. It’s all in YOUR hands now….

-Miss Destructo

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