Yam-A-Palooza! May is the Month of The Yam!

After some serious fan mail to Bruce’s Yams because of this yamriffic blog post. I was contacted by two departments at Bruce’s Yams and have I guess caught the eye of their marketing dept. After mentioning that I would like to try some of the biscuit mix and giving my address I was expecting the whole “Here’s some coupons kid, keep up the good work”

However to my surprise here is what I recieved… watch the video, it’s happiness.

Yam-A-Palooza! from Miss Destructo on Vimeo.

I was not expecting a sample of their whole product line to be delivered to my door in a HUGE box. That’s right folks. I have enough Bruce’s yam related products to feed an army right now. Biscuit Mix, Pancake Mix, Organic Yams, Premium Non Sugared Yams and Yam Casserole Mix. I can’t wait to bust into the Muffin Mix and make up some yummy yammy cupcakes. mmm.

I also fixed my donation button today!
Every dollar is a can of inspiration to fuel Destructo Deviations.

(and you’ll get a special gift from the desk of Miss Destructo! )

No Yams for you Nomers!

Happier than a yam,
-Miss Destructo

7 Replies to “Yam-A-Palooza! May is the Month of The Yam!”

  1. Bobby Rettew says: Reply

    I bow down to you…your focus, your craft, your willingness to not stray from what you believe! It is all about the YAMS!!!!

  2. Dick Carlson says: Reply

    I like all the bubble wrap and packing peanuts on cans of yams — are they extremely fragile?

    You look great with that new Amish hairstyle. Just the thing for selling yam cupcakes on the streets of Greenville. “Please, kind sir — give a girl a farthing for a lovely yam cake, will ya?”

    I’d suggest you give up on writing fan posts on potatoes and start writing about Tiffany, Rolls Royce, or Rolex if you have this kind of power.

  3. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    Going for Bombay Sapphire, Chanel and then Aston Martin next. ha ha

    When’s the last time you saw an Amish girl with blue hair.


    Don’t answer that. :P

  4. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    Bobby- Thanks for the constant inspirational words, you really keep me going!

    You have to start small, first yams next the world.

  5. Karen ^..^ says: Reply

    Too cute!!! And your little dog too!! LOL.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, girl! I have no doubt that they will soon offer you a job… Especially if you write them a creative thank you note/blog, and mention that their gift kept you alive (a poor starving unemployed aspiring marketing genius) for a few more weeks.

    You rock, and I adore your new pinup look!! You are gorgeous!! Maybe they will put you in their commercials!!

    So exciting.

  6. It’s YAM-azing! (groan). Seriously, this looked like a lot of fun, and I’m glad I came here from Brian’s link.

  7. Wow, that is amazing!!! You never know what kind of random products you’ll get…you’re probably the first blogger that’s ever received yams!

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