Have You Ever Had It Blue?

solve the mysteries
rule with your heart
make a change and evolve
because a second chance
will never never come
-Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma)

I realized something powerful sitting in the closet last Thursday, okay crazy lady what were you doing pondering life IN the closet? Well, as far as I know it was the hand of God reaching down to give me a good shake as the sky grew dark and the dog started act crazier than Richard Simmons in a Burger King. A few minutes later, a huge gust of wind (75 MPH) that lasted for about 10 minutes swept past leaving us all without power and being from Florida, I knew this could possibly be fun funnel cloud action. I grabbed the pooch and hit the closet, then I realized the power of nature not only of nature itself but the time we have in it, are we really in control of what happens or just what we do with the time in those moments? It’s quite amazing how much things can change in just a few minutes.

This was significantly poignant to me, as my hair isn’t the only thing that has blue lately, the past few weeks have taken quite a toll with all the changes that are on the horizon. I feel that the stars are finally aligning for me right now but why the heck do I still feel like the summertime blues are kicking in?

Well, I had to leave Florida at the worst possible time with my father having severe pains in his leg (herniated disc) and also the day of getting a swarming infection in his other leg. Being he’s there home by himself, I must say I have pretty worried about this. I really shouldn’t be since he’s under a few doctors care and things are being taken care of needless to say, it’s hard being so far away, especially since he has the family curse of being clumsy and accident prone. I felt quite helpless knowing, I could not stay and that it wasn’t up to me to make things change in that situation.

We also returned home in Greenville to “a new neighbor sandwich”, with new tenants above and on the side of us, this upon lots of lots of uncertainty for the future turned into a nice illness (which I swear is my body trying to get rid of Florida). Searching for new housing and still on the job search, I am keeping my head up since I have a feeling that things could change very soon for the better!

It’s funny as far as motivation goes, I have written down tons of things I would love to do right now now since my mind is still going strong (a bit too much recently) but my body is trying to work hard to regain my energy. I honestly believe that this could be happening for a reason, maybe I am supposed to saving my creativity for more useful things right now than organizing all the photos on my hard drive.

Here’s some of the wonderful part of my week that have brought inspiration to help me get back in the swing of things.

  • West End Coffee– The Jamaican Me Crazy blend is caramel heaven!
  • Addy’s Midnight Deviant Tweetup featuring The Brand Builder. It was a great thing to do after the storm that night! Addy the owner is super cool and I can’t wait to see what he’s got planned next for Greenville.
  • Mark MalkoffYep he’s the guy who spent a month in IKEA, now he’s on an Airtran plane for a month! His tweets have kept me laughing all week. Maybe I should live in a car for a month to get over my fear of driving?
  • Frozen Plasma– No, I didn’t get a blood transfusion. They are a synthpop band from Germany, with motivational lyrics and a futuristic sound. Looking for new music? I would check these guys out. The new CD Monumentum comes out on July 7th, you can get it in the US now through Metropolis Records!
  • Carnivale– Yes, the HBO Series about the circus folk, actually it’s more about good and evil. You’ll need your thinking caps for this one and a solid religious background or wikipedia handy for this one. It’s quite the puzzle. We just got both of the seasons on DVD. My new phrase being “Don’t make me go all Brother Justin on your ass!”
  • Adam Lambert– If I had I twin, it would probably end up being him. He’d steal my flat iron, my makeup and my blue hair dye. I would steal everything out of his closet. He’s a real inspiration, not just because of the whole American Idol deal but all of the personal issues and struggles he’s had to endure being a little different than the rest.

I can say though, being blue isn’t always a bad thing. This is more a transitional period with the problematic emotional conflicts that come with the choosing the right path. I have always been some what of a perfectionist when it comes to these sort of things, making sure I am doing the right thing at this point in my life. It’s okay to feel this way, sometimes we need this pause to bring inspiration back to us… there’s always calm before the storm.

-Miss Destructo

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