I’m Back From Outer Space a.k.a Florida

We just told Darien that Darth Vader would melt his brain.
@TheCastle in Ybor City, FL
Photo by The Drunk Camera Guy

Well, it’s mighty great to be back in Greenville after a long nine-hour drive and three week stay in my hometown of New Port Richey, FL. But there are just some special things that Greenville can’t replace, such as my awesome, kooky family and long time friends. Not to mention some of the random events that I partook on during my stay in Florida and many of the other things I will miss…

  • Rockin Out With Our Cookout: The OMGWTFBBQ and Rock Band Session. Otherwise known as “Eat Your Heart Out Adam Lambert”.
  • Brazilian Steakhouses and Ethiopian Food. You can eat with your hands!!!
  • The Castle’s 19th Anniversary Party. I was so happy to have a dance floor and amazing bartenders. I just might have danced to Madonna next to Peter Pan that night.
  • Fleamarket Car Shows with Fleamarket Elvis Impersonators.
  • Zombie Mall Trips with my best friend Michelle. (Completely dead mall, people watching galore!)
  • Getting rid of my mullet! Still looking for a salon in Greenville!
  • Thrift Store Adventures! I scored an amazing bunch of designer clothes on this trip for under $25! No store beats the Salvation Army in Holiday, FL!

Here’s some of my photo albums from the trip….

It was an amazing time to reconnect with old friends and to tie up tons of loose ends that I left. I didn’t get to see everyone that I would have liked to have saw, but know I will be back soon enough! Planning on an October visit to attend the Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Orlando with Mr. Destructo and Cpt. Spauldad (It’s a family tradition now). I love my new life here in Greenville, but a part of me will always be in the swamp.

I Will Survive,
-Miss Destructo

2 Replies to “I’m Back From Outer Space a.k.a Florida”

  1. Dick Carlson says: Reply

    Uh — you left out all the pictures of you, in your bikini, running along the beach with the dog.

    I spent lots of time in NPR a couple of years ago, and there was a great thrift store (Salvation Army?) on the main drag (19?) just south of town.

    Found lots of great "beach" shirts.

  2. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    I was going to include the pictures of Daniel in his Bikini but I thought that would be a bit much. ;0)

    That's my thrift store! It's the one on 19. They just rebuilt it, it's amazing. It's great since no one there is my size. I get all the good stuff. :)

    Wow, what the hell were you doing in NPR?

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