Never Count Your Tweets Before They Hatch

The big question of this afternoon on Twitter was…

“Is Michael Jackson Dead?”

However my question was….

“Did the trust of social media news sources also die today?”

As I have never in one day seen Twitter so active with news between the Mark Sanford affair scandal happening here in South Carolina, Farrah Faucett’s death, now rumors of Michael Jackson’s death. Mostly stemming from and article posted on about Michael’s death after being rushed to the hospital for Cardiac Arrest. Seriously people, don’t trust that’s like asking a can of yams the news. Please wait for the report on or AP, however, on even on Twitter some of these trusted agencies based their premature tweets on the fact-titious article posted by TMZ.

NOTE: Since I started this post it has been officially reported by that he has sadly died, but trusted news sites basing their social media news around a prominent gossip site? Has the world of journalism gone mad?

Could Twitter and other social media sites possibly be used for a source of wrongly informed mass hysteria? Do you remember what happened with the radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds? People during that time trusted their radios so much as a news source that a seemingly real broadcast about Martians invading sent people jumping out their windows. What if reported on Twitter that aliens had arrived? What would happen?

Anyways, it scares me a little that people are so trusting of social media based news and that these accounts are more about breaking news than actually breaking a little sweat to find out if things are true.

Never count your tweets before they hatch,
-Miss Destructo

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  1. Chrissy Reese says: Reply

    I felt the same way, watching things unfold today. I realize that we're all absolutely starved for instantaneous information because it's so readily available these days.. but it's kind of sad, watching people lose their minds over something posted on, who is notorious for posting things that may/may not be true, just hoping that if it IS true, they'll be cited as the first source to break the news. I love the internet and all the wonderful things it has brought us, but watching otherwise intelligent people turn into blood-thirsty information hounds kind of scares me. It's like the world is becoming one giant TMZ source.

  2. Good valid points to think about. People should be critical with news sources, TMZ is not really trustable source. In this case news (or rumours) where true, but what if it would not have been?

    Btw. there is now nearly 1500 comments on TMZ news story. Probably it will end to something "never seen" figures with comments.

  3. Kim Williams says: Reply

    it seems that in such forums, everyone is willing to risk being wrong in pursuit of being first.

    i don't think the standards of accuracy in reporting apply there (anywhere?)…

  4. Chet Woodside says: Reply

    It certainly shines a bright light on social tools and "citizen journalists" that use these tools. In relation to Twitter I feel that many users have a need to be on the bleeding edge of events. The sad outcome is people hardly read what they are re-tweeting, perhaps dreams of the retweet goldmine are running through their heads.

    To bad a music icons death has been what caused many to reflect on how they value news from their various social media communities.

  5. ahgreenwood says: Reply

    I think it's highly unfair and undeserving that you would put yams and TMZ on the same level. You need to appologize to yams everywhere.

  6. Miss Destructo says: Reply

    All great comments, thank you all very much for being cautious enough to see that #trends does not mean #news.

    And I will apologize to all the yams I have offended.

  7. Wow, is this ever true. That is the same as reading about a financial crisis in The Enquirer, and believing that over the Wall Street Journal.

    What is this world coming to?

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