Where were you during the Twitterpocalypse?

The Brand Builder and I are forced to drinking after the Twitter Crash.

August 6th, 2009- The Day That Twitter Died. That day, I was contacted by an awesome reporter Rich Mullens from the Tampa Tribune to ask me my thoughts on the aftermath of the Twitter Crash 0f 2009 that happened earlier that day when twitter was down for hours that morning. Here’s a smattering from his article “Hackers Trigger Twitterpocalypse” that had me laughing at how silly us twitterfolk are.”Hyperventilation, dizziness, sudden productivity. These are all symptoms of a distinctly modern condition – a Twitter blackout.

It happened Thursday, like the universe coming unstitched, at least for some people.

Amber Osborne, aka “@MissDestructo” on Twitter,” was headed to a photo shoot for a magazine article about, what else, Twitter.

“I started getting all these e-mails from people, and I thought, ‘Who still uses e-mail?'” she said. All her friends send messages through Twitter to their followers online. But utterly unplugged, Osborne’s posse of 4,469 followers on Twitter resorted to typing out actual correspondence to her.

It was weird, she said, seeing phrases and details that stretched into whole sentences, well beyond Twitter’s 140-charater message limit. It was too much.

Like millions of Twitterholics around the globe, Osborne had to find other things to do with her hands than tweet.

Diabolical hackers. The cause of this Twitterpocalypse: Diabolical hackers had orchestrated a malicious attack, paralyzing the tweeting universe around the world, leaving them unable to fire off their vital updates…

-From @Dailydeadline at TBO.com ”

Read the rest of the article “Hackers Trigger Twitterpocalypse” here….

What did you do when Twitter and Facebook crashed?


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  1. thebrandbuilder says: Reply

    Note the frown on my face. Twitter was down. I couldn't stop myself from trying to tweet every two minutes though, just in case it started working again. :D

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