Drop Dead Fun at Spooky Empire this Weekend!

Zombie Walks, Cpt. Spauldad and Miss Destructo…OH MY!

Video by Dyer Productions

Everyone has strange family traditions, but I think ours may just top the list. Every year for the last three years my father Cpt. Spauldad and I have attended the Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Orlando, FL. It’s pretty much a weekend smak dab in the middle of disney country filled with the most ghoulish things you can think of, not to mention a huge line up of celebrities and famous evening pool parties. The year before I heard the actor who played Pinhead threatening to push people in the the pool in that iconic voice and last year we got footage of Malcolm Mcdowell eating a banana, he also asked Mr. D which way the lobby was. Not to mention the strange Spanish Day of The Dead wedding we ran into while trying to eat dinner.  So yes,  be sure you leave reality at home since things can get pretty odd at times, but it’s always NON stop fun. For $40 dollars for a weekend pass and rooms at $99, you can’t beat this deal for a mini-vacation you will never forget.

Continuing on the family tradition, This year Mr. D and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary as we met at Spooky Empire last year.  Ah, romance.

Learn more about Spooky Empire…. and join us this weekend! Oh yes, and please leave the fog machines out of the hotel rooms this year kids….


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  1. Very cool. I wish we had stuff like that up in New England.

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