Howl-O-Scream Bleedup at Busch Gardens

Ms Vayne and Crew at Howl O Scream Bleedup

Oh, you can keep the fangs honey. I want that dress….

Last night, Mr. D and I we’re graciously invited by local theme park Busch Gardens to attend their “bleedup” at their annual halloween event Howl-O-Scream. This horror themed twitter and social media meetup last night, went way beyond my expectations. Not only did they roll out the blood red carpet for us, with giving us all VIP passes and many other special goodies.  But they really stepped it up a notch at the “Club EnVy” nightclub themed area for “bleedup” attendees featuring a very special appearance by the real @Msvayne and her vamplicious crew.  They must be vampires since I didn’t see a drop of sweat on them in the humid fog that rolled over all of us.

Mr. D, What's Up Tampa Bay and Miss Destructo @ HOS BleedupMr D, @Whatsuptampabay, and myself looking like a new recruit for @msvayne

Last nights “bleedup” was a very exciting new twist to the usual “professional” themed tweetups, what made this special is not only the elaborate setup and theme of the event but the way that EVERY attendee was made to feel VIP. (You rock @hosinsider…) It was a more relaxed and thrilling atmosphere,  I felt like I wasn’t going to have to hear tons of sales pitches but people sharing their excitement and experience at the event.. it was much more easier to connect and as I heard alot of people saying “This is the best tweetup i’ve ever been to!”  I am hoping to see many more of these types of “experience” tweetup events in the future!

Great photos of The Howl O Scream Bleedup by @at1mp


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