My Life As A Grit….

Be Memorable. Be Sticky. Be A Grit.

I  got a great comment from a reader awhile back…

“I really enjoy the blogs, although I look at them more like a newsletter. Have you ever considered writing for a magazine or editorial? I think you would do great, and then you could make money for your awesome writing skills. Which would then allow you to buy all the gummy bears and Nivea cream you ever wanted. Anyways, great job, I’m only going to leave a comment on this one for now, but they are ALL amazing so far. Great job, and keep it up.”

Aw shucks… *blushes*… it’s comments like this one that keep me fueled.

Ah, but it is a lonesome dream of mine to work for a local ultra hip small creative company where brainstorming meetings are half about the philosophy of the Venture Brothers and caffeinated wonderlands of productivity and color.. A place where I can work from home in my underwear eating grits and tweeting all day. But that all it is in this economy now, is a caffeine fueled wonderland.

At least I still have my grits.

Everyone needs a little grits in their life, those warm sticky things that you can never scrub off. I above all things enjoy helping people, money albeit extremely great to have is only needed for physical survival in today’s world. Satisfaction of life for me is in the ability to help at least one person think about the world around them in a different way or at least give them the confidence to go out there and be the creative, beautiful people they are meant to be.

I am complete with a great evening by the campfire with friends, a can of sardines, a cup of coffee and my laptop. If I can make money off of these things… super great, if I can create a lasting impression on one of my reader’s life… that is my real purpose here.

To be a grit. To stick and be stuck in some one’s mind as those only those sticky little things can.

Wow. I guess I didn’t need to spend five years at a college for that, but I really really like to have a warm bed to sleep in. So if you are a  looking for ultra swank, fresh content or a sharp witted voice for your social media.  Adopt Miss Destructo today, the sardine and gummy bear stock is getting low. *bats eyelashes* Just click that little button at the top of the page that says “Will Work for Yams“.

Thanks again, for the feedback. If you like what you read here at Destructo Devations… Please share, comment, email, or write on a napkin.. I may feature you in the future!

Don’t forget, be a grit…


6 Replies to “My Life As A Grit….”

  1. Richman Feher says: Reply

    Yay, another awesome post. It was just as good as you promised it would be. I feel so special too, being this week’s featured Destructo Deviant. I might just have to find a huge bag of gummy bears somewhere. Do you have a preferred brand?

  2. Richman Feher says: Reply

    I have another idea, what if Miss Destructo added a chat session on her site? She could schedule a time for her Destructo Deviants to brainstorm ideas with her. Would that not be awesome? Oh, and I’m also trying to recruit more Deviants.

  3. Megan Thomas says: Reply

    Hello. This is Megan, Richman Feher’s girlfriend. I heard you love to write stories. So do I. The only things I like to write about though are Romance and Death. They’re the only things I know how to write about. I’m gonna start reading your stories now, so you more than likely will see more of me posting comments on your work.

  4. LoL. Sardines and gummy bears getting low> you are hilarious!

  5. Noah Howland says: Reply

    “Do you like your grits regular, or al dente?”

    -1 for not allowing me to post this pic.

  6. So… finally you have found 'the real purpose'

    And I agree with your reader! He is right! Ooh… and think of all those gummy bears :-)

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