The Legend of Autumn in Florida

Sad Snowman

That’s not humidity, it’s snowman tears….

Fall is my favorite season, it’s those early autumn mornings with a cool breeze and a cup of coffee that really give a magical quality to every day.  However,  Florida always seems to be the last kid on the bus when it comes to Fall. This year it seems “the sunshine state”  has not only missed the bus but tried unsuccessfully to hitch a ride. Being we had last week a few humidity free and cool mornings that was only cruel tease, as now most of us sit outside drinking our pumpkin spice lattes in 90 degree weather. I can fondly remember a Christmas a few years ago that was 88 degrees outside, while I do not miss the cold of up north a little cool weather is not only inspiring but nostalgic.

Here’s a few ways to beat the heat and get into the autumn spirit.

  • Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffusers work great for giving your house that “I want to eat the air” smell.
  • Cpt. Spauldad has decorated his whole room up like a haunted house, extreme but the effect of decorating works!
  • Start wearing a spicy fragrance, my favorite fall perfume is BPAL’s Snake Oil.
  • At night, crank the a/c… get out your fuzziest blanket and watch movies like “Serendipity” or “Love Actually”
  • Or, if Halloween is more your thing, visit Spooky Empire Horror Con this weekend in Orlando!

Most of all start doing your pre fall shopping NOW, since people don’t feel fall in the air yet most sweaters and jackets are sitting on the shelves waiting for a good home. Best time to hit up thrift stores is now as I have been seeing a good number of winter/fall garb and boots on the racks. Last week, I grabbed an Armani Exchange sweater for Mr. D for only $1.50!

What to look for in fall fashion this year….

  • Animal Prints (Accessories such as purses are great for pulling this off!)
  • Leather (Lots of leather jackets and thick leather belts this season!)
  • Boots, Boots, Boots (Been drooling over these strappy boots from Free People…)
  • Sequins (Sequin leggings are flying off the shelves!)
  • Leggings (These are great for making your summer dresses, winter wearable)
  • Patent Leather… Tory Burch makes some amazing patent leather purses/shoes!
  • Feather Headbands… Tarina Tarantino makes the best!
  • One of my favorite designers for fall wear is Marc Jacobs. His wool coats are a timeless staple!

Also ladies and men, since fall is the time us Floridians tend to get outdoors more…. don’t forget the SPF! Also even though it is humid outside start stocking up on moisturizers and since the fall weather in Florida can still wreck havok on the skin and hair.  I recommend Nivea Creme (available at any drugstore!) for chapped faces and hands, plus it makes a great base when applied lightly under powder such as MAC’s Studio Fix.

Most of all this fall season, let people know how much they mean to you. Write letters while sipping your pumpkin spice latte, even if you keep smudging the ink from all the sweating.


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  1. Growing up in a Chicago suburb, I loved fresh snow and building snowmen! But I hated it when a few days later the snow would melt and my snowman disappeared….

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