The Strange World of Social Media

“The three ways to be successful in social networking. Be creative, be generous and be a little bit vulnerable” ~Sirrom Divad

To most people nowadays Social Media is as commonplace as a cup of coffee or reading the newspaper in the morning. With sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter the world is being connected like never before. It’s amazing to me to meet someone finally in person after talking with them through pixels sometimes it’s like you’ve known them your whole life. I would have to say 80 percent of my closest “real life” friends I have met on a social media platform, including my beau Daniel. But that’s a long warm and fuzzy story for another blog post.

After using Social Media for around six years now, I have had both positive and negative experiences. No need to start a yet thankfully and some were quite hilarious as a random message from a lonely transvestite who wanted me to show him how to walk in heels. Honey, I can’t even walk in heels. Why do you think I have the name Miss Destructo?

However, I have met some amazing people that have went above and beyond the social media universe to become continuous influences in my daily life. Even with being half way around the world! People always ask me…

“Miss D, how the heck do you know so many fabulous, neato, swanky people?”

Well, I guess that’s a part of Miss Destructo’s mystery. Even I don’t actually know. I do know however that most of it comes from social circles back at home in Tampa and meeting people on my travels across the globe. I keep in contact with pretty much everyone I have ever met from the bartender in Leipzig, to the kid who I played “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with back in preschool.

A year ago upon moving to Greenville, South Carolina was socially scary. I had to leave my huge circle of friends back home in Tampa and all my connections. I thought it would be years before I was able to build any kind of social network here.

That was only a year ago and already I have 6,000 followers on Twitter.

How can I rock the twitterverse?

By reading local blogs I found a few inspiring Greenville twitters that started my search for interesting, intelligent and inspiring minds. Since then, I have seen the connections grow much faster than I expected by them mentioning or me finding interesting people in their lists. They are a second family even if we haven’t spoken a real word to each other. My little “twitterfamily” always keeps me updated on the latest news and gives me great advice and hope for furthering my future.

  • Use local twitter search sites such as
  • Attend local “tweetups” and events such as Barcamp
  • Follow local news sites  to find out what events are going on in your area.

Which after losing my job, I didn’t have much hope until I started chatting with people on twitter. These are people that successfully work for themselves or are creative, passionate gurus on life. A real positive driving force, I am glad I have the opportunity to be a part of it now. I honestly have to say that Twitter has changed my life, being that without it I doubt I would have been able to meet all these amazing minds even with social gatherings and luring them with yam cakes.

There IS a winning combination to creating a presence and meeting the people you want to meet to become the person you want to be. Again, using your Miss Destructo ABC’s helps greatly here.

  • Ask Questions (if they are doing something you are interested in, ask about it!)
  • Be Nice (Don’t be pushy, give complements, give advice!)
  • Commonality (find something in common!)

This will make the difference between you and that person that has been “following” you for months without a peep or the random commenter that goes “yeah, that’s cool”. You never know who you could be talking to, treat everyone as someone special. Because they could be your future best friend!

  • Don’t forget! Go outside the social media box… write a postcard, send a note or hand written note.

Sometimes the power of social media amazes me to tears. There are so many “good people” still out there in the world. People will still go out of their way to help other people they’ve never met and that says more than words to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my empty coffee cup.

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8 Replies to “The Strange World of Social Media”

  1. I would add, of course:

    1. Be tall. Really, really tall. No — incredibly tall with accordingly long legs. And wear heels.
    2. Have blue hair. Or red hair. Or no hair.
    3. Take photos of yourself and your stylish boyfriend at little cafes and metal concerts, and post. Often.

    Getting a tiny dog is optional, but recommended.

    1. He's not a boyfriend… he's a "male enhancement" :)

      You always leave the best comments that make me chuckle!

      1. Uh huh. Just like the boots and the other accessories, he's from last year. Might be time for an upgrade. I see a blog contest to build the readership even higher.

  2. I completely agree with you Brian, I have seen alot of people trying to figure out how to get more people interested in them (or their products) lately. I honestly believe that being interested in people is what will make you interesting to others. It's not a game of who can have the most people on their lists, it's how many of those people are on YOUR side.

    I've seen way too much negativity lately with people using people to gain clients or to promote themselves. If it's such a "dog eat dog" world then who will be left standing? Those ones that held the leash.

    Thank you for your comment Brian! :)

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  4. Nice post. I am with you as far as friends including boyfriend from social media… and he's in England.

    I do think that there are naturals at it – and as much as we come up with suggestive parameters – there are people that just come across awkward and if they need to really expand their network they should hire someone. It's genuinely being interested in people and being interesting that works best. You are both!

    1. Miss Destructo says: Reply

      Thanks! Woah, England!

      It’s great because you are able to capture their personality and interests much more easier. :)

      It’s been a year for us now!

  5. I started my 'social media' adventure on MySpace in spring 2006. A beautiful coincidence convinced me to erase the last doubts of being part of the cyberworld. Lucky me!! I met a lot of awesome people and some of them are my best friends right now. The problem is that if you share so much, certain things can swallow you up easily. Social networking gives a lot but it also takes a lot! A while ago already, a few friends moved their blogs and profiles (their lives) to other sites like Facebook, Hyves or Google. It was sad to notice that our little family fell apart. Suddenly, MySpace sucked and everything else was better, more shiny. I refused to leave MySpace and I refused invitations for other sites. I stayed loyal to MySpace! After a month I had dozens of activation codes and passwords to be able to watch my friends blogs on other sites. It drove me crazy and I decided not to view any 'foreign' profile anymore. There are only 2 exceptions. (Guess who is one of them).
    Meanwhile I have an account on Facebook but I barely visit it. Witnessing the daily online life of my former MS friends on Facebook makes me sad and makes me think. Why did you leave MS and is it really so much better to be on FB, only playing online games and quizzes everyday? Life changes us constantly, if we like it or not. We have to deal we those changes, if we like it or not. Some friends come, some friends leave. Sometimes it can be hard to accept that.

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