Destroying Your Boredom: Silly Life Goals

Silly Hats Only

Silly Goals Only….

Here at Destructo Deviations we are starting a new feature called “Destroying Your Boredom” where every week i’ll ask my twitter followers to answer one question. It will be a question to help you explore your inner self and motivate you to destroy your boredom.

Answer the question posted on my Twitter weekly (It’ll be a surprise!) and you could be featured here!

This week I was in a great conversation with Smashadv about silly life goals that we both have, my personal silly life goals are to give Sir Richard Branson a hug and to meet David Bowie.

It’s those small things in life that keep us motivated even if they may be a little out there. But remember folks our motto over here at Destructo Deviations is “Nothing is Impossible”.

This weeks Destroying Your Boredom question: What are your silly life goals?

Here are the hilarious answers from the twitterverse….

  • electrothusiast To own one pair of boxers for every day of the year! I could even number them!
  • divyasukumar I would love to one day have a verified twitter account. It would make me feel super important.
  • katefarrar To learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi Master. That one isn’t really silly though…
  • amandalee To have a drink with Bill Murray!
  • Dasfoldingfive I want to have a memorable moustache and win Street Fighter tourneys.
  • Mandy_Vavrinak make a pie crust from scratch that rivals my grandma’s
  • Rebecca_Pugh to make a documentary film in 2010.
  • LordSteve my goal is to be featured on (Your wish is granted!)
  • Algernon33 Double-Thumb Wrestle with Christopher Walken while discussing Cinema and Cakes.
  • lourdes_g Another silly goal I have is to go to Vegas and take a picture with “Elvis” :)
  • GlassofWin Eat at particular high end restaurants or in certain countries.
  • guahanweb would absolutely LOVE to do voice over for a cartoon or video game, too.
  • michaelfieldcom one of my ‘silly goals’ is space travel. I have wanted to do it since I was a child and I now live in an era when it’s real
  • HumanityPlague To become Mr. Destructo? Or have a Funhouse Pinball machine. Maybe meet Adam Carolla.
  • guahanweb Not silly, but I always wanted to be an astronaut. Would still jump at it if I ever had the chance.
  • jaybenfield I want to grow old enough to fake senility. Underwear outside the pants kind of stuff.
  • webdoyenne To ride in the Goodyear Blimp.
  • nlongtin Write, produce & direct a zombie film.
  • sandra_higgins I would love to do a cart wheel with @xoBetseyJohnson
  • lourdes_g Going to a Hanshin Tigers baseball game…in Japan.
  • PennyAsh to out sell J K Rowling and to have one of my scripts made by Pixar and one made by Spielberg :)

:Nothing is Impossible:


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