Why Conan is Still A Winner to Me.

Conan O Brien

Today late night host Conan O’ Brien posted a statement to the New York Times announcing his decision to pretty much end this whole “Lenogate” and NBC mockery.Another casuality of the ratings game after NBC decided to move Jay Leno back to the 11pm spot. It’s okay if you think Conan is not funny, that’s not why I am writing this article. It’s about Conan’s ability to be able to awkwardly different and successful that has always inspired me.

When I was eleven I used to stay up quite late watching TV during the late 90’s, I can remember seeing this tall, goofy looking red headed fellow making people laugh. During those years I had a tough time in school, being sent from a small private school to a public middle school in one of the not so best neighborhoods. It was to say the least, one of the second most painful times in my life. I was picked on a lot for being the “weird, tall and lanky gal” people used to call me names like “Olive Oyl”, I didn’t have many friends so I turned to Conan as an inspiration. Instead of hiding in the corners, by using my sense humor and learning that if I stick to being myself, I was able to quickly find friends and people that respected me as being that “odd, cool girl”. Later in life, I learned a little bit about Conan and how he always had determination and a way with people that gained him his first late night show, this taught me to start small, work your way up and use those connections!

Most of all Conan brought the inspiration to never give up despite roadblocks, I hope that Conan’s seeming defeat is a new chapter into the next stage of late night TV. Wherever he ends up, I hope some other guy or gal out there that thinks they are too weird to succeed will find the same inspiration that I found those many years ago. Thank you for everything Mr. O’ Brien, you still rock my socks.


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  1. So very bummed about this. I don't understand anyone that finds Jay funny. I really, really hope he finds an outlet for his comedic genius.

  2. Very nicely articulated. Thanks for putting this together.

  3. Lanky? You lived in a place where high school kids said "lanky"?

  4. "I'd rather die–than give you control!"

  5. I found your link through Mashable- great post! I completely agree. Conan is a class act & whatever network he moves to should consider themselves lucky!

  6. Thank you for posting this. I wish Conan much luck wherever he goes from here.

  7. I really hate that it had to come to this … but i think nbc is making a mistake as people who watch leno can't stay up passed 10pm anyways. i will watch Coco where he goes

  8. Conan O’Brien happens to be snagging a 33 million dollar settlement from NBC. That is obviously a heck of a huge amount of their hard earned money to hand you to just simply disappear completely. I will certainly acknowledge that I somewhat have a preference forJay Leno in that slot in lieu of the prime time slot, but I do think that Conan exhibited significant character in battling to acquire that sizeable severence program for his crew. I’m convinced that he will be able to land on his feet someplace different in a matter of time. If he fails to, at any rate the 33 million will soften the landing.

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