A Jacket Changed My Life: RIP Alexander Mcqueen


Around 1997, it was a pretty hectic time in my life. I was still mourning the loss of my mother, my father just had his second heart attack, I was getting over being in a car crash. Honestly, the lyric from Gary Numan’s Down in The Park sums it up well…. “I was in a car crash or was it the war, i’ve never been quite the same”. It was a very tough time in my life and music was pretty much the only thing that was keeping me going at the time. I was really into watching MTV and VH1 with the euro techno british invasion acts such as “The Prodigy” and “Republica” really struck a chord with me. Strange fascinations, fascinating me at this time… one album in particular at this time was David Bowie’s Earthling. I can remember seeing the album cover and my whole future right there and then flashed in front of my eyes, that Union Jack Alexander Mcqueen jacket… I wanted that jacket, I wanted flashy cool hair, I wanted to live in a New York City penthouse… I knew I had to escape normality and create my own persona if I ever wanted to become the person my teenage self longed to be. Pure rebellion with class. I did a little bit of research on McQueen, finding out he was also the youngest of six siblings and also had a less than regal time growing up despite a name fit for a British lord. His story of struggle and success really helped me through these times growing up.

That summer, I saw VH1’s Fashionably Loud featuring some of Alexander Mcqueen’s collection, I knew I would never be able to afford the clothing… but I tried my own style during the time with plaids, union jacks and saved up for months for my first pair of 20 hole Dr. Martens. I joked around for years that I would eventually end up with odd mix of a closet of just his clothes and thrift store findings.

His truly genius fashion shows were more than just fashion but a higher statement… his clothing were more than fabric but something of a legendary creature that threw you into his Alice in Wonderland type world.

Sadly, I will never meet the man who shaped my life with his style as he passed away yesterday, but his legacy will always be a part of me and everything that Miss Destructo stands for…

Thank you Mr. Mcqueen, the world has lost it’s fashion king…. you will be missed.


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  1. Love this – such a beautiful story my dear. And he was such an inspiration. I buy the bi-annual Vogue Collections issues and would *always* go to his spread first. I miss his designs. Such glamour and beauty.

  2. Wow, I didn't know about his passing till I read it here. My fashionista-heart cries at the loss of this mastermind. He was always there to push the envelop of what was considered fashion. He was the punk kid who made art on the runway. I am seriously upset at this. :(

  3. such a great blog. Thank you for sharing with us how he touched your life ♥

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