Nothing Is Yampossible: My Visit to Bruce’s Yams

That's A Whole Lot of Yams

The past week I learned that nothing is impossible, or yampossible it seems. About a year ago, I was in Greenville, SC… unemployed and pretty much starving when I discovered canned yams at the local discount foods store. I started eating yams (sweet potatoes) pretty much everyday, straight out of the can for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While my strange food habit became sort of associated with me through my tweets on twitter, I wondered if I could possibly take my love for yams into a career. So I started the “Will Work For Yams” campaign on my website and twitter.

I sent Bruce’s Foods an email, with no reply. Then my writer/actor friend Brian Spaeth got involved, a four page and very crazy yam manifesto to Bruce’s Foods on why they should hire me. Then I got a very cryptic email from Bruce’s “Why Bruce’s Yams?” is all it said. So I wrote this blog post…. “The Power of Yams.” to explain my love for yams. A few emails back and forth with Bruce’s and a month later, this HUGE box of Bruce’s Yams products showed up at my door. You can watch the video of that madness here… “May is the Month of The Yam

Anyways, I thought that would be the end of hearing from Bruce’s Foods… until a few weeks ago that is. I then received an email from Bruce’s… “Hey, you want to do our social media?”….*record screech* WHAT!?!?!

Long story short… I just got back from New Iberia, Louisiana and had a wonderful time visiting Bruce’s Foods and the great state of Louisiana. Great company, good people and southern hospitality to the max! (I got to stay in the old estate of the owner of Bruce’s Foods!)

You can see all my photos and video from the trip here…Miss Destructo’s Yamventure”

I’ll now be actually “working for yams” and running the Bruce’s Yams Twitter and Facebook accounts. Fan us and follow us to hear me yammer’in about yams all day.

Bruce’s Yams on Twitter-

Bruce’s Yams on Facebook-

Again if you have a goal…. follow it and never give up. Good things come to those who wait, be persistant but be patient.


12 Replies to “Nothing Is Yampossible: My Visit to Bruce’s Yams”

  1. WOW! That is epic!

  2. So, I once had the dream of working in marketing, but left that dream with a really bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing. I am currently a person who does not really understand the point of advertising on Facebook and Twitter and places like that, and I also tend to feel offended that businesses are trying to infiltrate my online leisure locations if you will, haha. So, the main reason I read your blog is because you are involved in those businesses and I am trying to get the inside perspective, and possibly a different perspective entirely, on something that I have had a bad view of. (I figure, you seemed nice! How bad could it be? haha) I am still not sold on the idea, but I have enjoyed having my mind expanded via your blog posts. I am looking forward to learning about how Twitter could possibly be used to sell vegetables, which I am sure you will be updating us on in the near future! I have been following the Yam-love stories for some time now, I wanted to tell you that scoring a legit job through blog fan posts is possibly the most productive and awesome use of the internet that I have yet seen. Congrats!

  3. Congrats Miss Destructo- Yams will inherit the earth!

  4. Congrats, Miss Destructo! Brian, or as I call him, "The Cav", is a great dude. He has helped me out a lot through the years, including giving my first break in blogging.

  5. I, personally, love their Hot Sauce products!

  6. Wow! Congrats! :-)

  7. that's the cool thing about social media…you never know what's going to happen someway down the line!

  8. omg you crack me up – love you!

  9. I yam just so proud of you!


  10. Love it! Another confirmation that your passion can become your provision. Thanks for being out there… in more ways than one.

    Great respect,

  11. What a great story! It couldn't have happened to a more talented person, Bruce's is a lucky company. Congrats!


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