Barry Moltz: Get Unstuck from Failure in 140 Characters.

I am pretty new to the whole business world, but yet I am constantly running across people who I thought were great successes in their fields. Only to hear that they have lost their motivation, drive or even their businesses due to recent economic times. They usually are envious of my youthful drive for life as many of them once had… many ask me “Miss Destructo, how can I get inspired again? I just feel… stuck.” Wow. Me? How can I possibly answer this question for a Fortune 500 CEO? Usually, even before thinking of telling them to dye their hair blue or eat some yams… a name escapes my mouth. “You need to go crazy and find Barry Moltz“.

Who? Why? Well, when you break down on the side of the entrepreneurial road because you ran out of gas, you want to call a towing service to help you get unstuck. Barry is that tow truck…he can help you fuel your next journey back into the business world. Not only has he been through it all before, but what makes Barry stand out is his infectious enthusiasm and genuine passion for helping his clients live their dream again.

Barry is certainly a character but containing him into just 140 characters is tough. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter @barrymoltz about business…

What’s the craziest risk you took in business? Starting a new business after the first two failed.

Advice for those trying to bounce back? You are more resilient than you can imagine.

One thing all young entrepreneurs should know. Business is about all about people

I first heard of Barry when I saw a him on CNBC, he was talking about “The Art of The Comeback”, who knew a few years later he would be interviewing me for his radio show! He’s certainly helped me find my passion and keep me on track during some of the rough patches of my life.

If you are struggling to find your next step in business or need motivation to bounce back from economic hardships or failure. Barry Moltz can help get you back on track and keep you laughing all the way to the bank. Check out his book for the Great Recession: Bounce! Failure, Resiliency and Confidence for Your Next Great Success at


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