Miss Destructo’s Yamventures: Greenville

Miss Destructo is Yammin it Up In Greenville from Miss Destructo on Vimeo.

As most of you know I just traveled to Greenville, South Carolina…. Why was I there? Because of Bruce’s Yams of course… to return back to the place where all the yamsanity began for me. I made this very special video for all the Bruce’s Yams fans and to tell a little bit more about the story behind the blue haired gal who tweets and types for Bruce’s Yams.

Attending the “idea” conference TedxGreenville was only the marshmellow fluff on the casserole for me. Tedx was a great place to share my Bruce’s Yam story with others to help inspire and spread the word about our favorite food.

At the end of the video I held a get together of a bunch of Bruce’s Yams fans and my friends in Greenville, South Carolina. The Yam-A-Palooza tweetup (twitter meetup) was a hit and many great ideas came from it. I can’t wait to have a contest to see who can make the best yam cocktails and t-shirt designs now! You may even see us (the cans, not me) at the media conference SXSW next week! I am now realizing the possibilities for yams are endless and people are willing to help start the spreading the word in their towns. Yams are a becoming of a trendy item, i’ve even heard of people going on multi city scavenger hunts to find a can of Bruce’s Yams!

Thank you all for the support and keeping me fueled with new ideas, if you have a cool yam themed event or something sweet potato related (festivals, personalities or whatever!) let me know, I might just show up in YOUR town for the next yamventure!

Oh, yes. And there’s a special yam dance I made just for you all in the video… feel free to make your own yam dance and send it to me!

Thanks again for being a fan of Bruce’s Yams and Miss Destructo!

Stay yamtastic,


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