Nathan Fillion in 140 Characters.

Excited to announce a new feature here at Destructo Deviations, starting this week i’ll be featuring an interview with some of your favorite twitter people in a very impromptu 140 character format.

I am very proud to have actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) as our first 140 Character interview! Along with his acting career and over 500,000 twitter followers, he’s got a heart of gold in helping out with his charity Kids Need to Read. Nathan has been a huge inspiration in my life, through knowing him I learned that being a “hero” to others before yourself goes a long way. Not to mention, he cracks me up.. not only in his interviews, but I can remember him “borrowing” a fan’s hoverround at DragonCon, which became Mr. Fillion’s Wild Ride 2008 (This is taken at FX in Orlando). It also taught me the importance of connecting with your fans and going out of your way to “say thanks” for the support they have given you.

Here’s what Nathan had to say on Twitter about a few things….

Advice on Following Your Dreams.

Nathan: Do it if it scares you.

How Do You Destroy Your Boredom?

Nathan: Go outside. Leave the house. Walk, drive, ride- just get out. The day will take care of itself.

Thoughts on Twitter.

Nathan: I like the brevity of Twitter. ‘Nuff said.

It’s an interesting story how I first learned about Nathan, I was on Google searching for travel tips since I had a recent trip to Germany coming up. I found this hilarious blog that Nathan wrote about being tall on flights and being stuck with snotty people in the seat next to you. I had no idea who the heck he was, but I wrote him about exit rows and he responded back. A few mails later, I actually checked out his profile on Myspace… 40,000 friends. Alright… who is this guy? A Google search and a bunch of male Firefly fans yelling at me that I didn’t know who he was later. I found myself at Dragoncon in 2008 waiting in line just to say hello, and with many awkward conversations with hardcore Firefly fans in line (I had never seen the show at that point) “What’s your favorite episode…” I had to use my brain and just went with “The one where he’s naked?” Lucky for me there was such an episode, or I could have been mauled to death by female fans. I would have hated to have to say “Oh, I just read his myspace blog” *hits forehead*

Needless to say, later that evening I ended up being swooped up an escalator by Nathan in a huge crowd, then politely shoved into an elevator by his security team and Nathan shouting “She’s my friend from Myspace!” *push* right into Alan Tudyk. Once I got over the inital shock of what was happening since I think I ran into two stormtroopers and stepped on a pokemon’s foot on the way. It was more than lovely to meet Nathan and his brother Jeff that night, really my kind of people and I had a great conversation with a fabulous Eddie Izzard impersonator that was on the security team. No, I was not drinking that night… this all actually happened… ah, the wonders of convention life.

Meeting Nathan that night changed my life. I don’t know if he knows it, but I was going through a lot at that time. My ex at the time and I weren’t at the best point in our relationship, I realized then that I didn’t want that life anymore. There was much more out there and I needed to follow my dreams. A few weeks later, I packed all my crap up and left. If I hadn’t of met Nathan, I don’t know if I would have gotten the courage to change my life and do good things instead of being self-destructive.

Nathan is right, do it if it scares you. I can honestly say that was probably one of the scariest but most exhilarating times of my life, right after that I booked a flight to Greenville, South Carolina… which became a one way flight and a year later. That’s how Destructo Deviations began…all because of that one night. It’s amazing how some people enter and exit your life in a flash but always stay in your heart as a burning flame to fuel your passions in life. Thank you Nathan and thank all of you Deviants for keeping my dream alive!


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  1. This is a delightful article, Miss D! I understand perfectly how inspiring Nathan Fillion is. Each time I've met him he's been most warm and kind to me. He continues to inspire me to be my best, as he does for so many people, and I am grateful to him for this. Yes, thank you Nathan for how you continue to inspire us with your wonderful warmth, wisdom, insight and humor!

    Many blessings,


  2. I was just telling my family today how cool this guy is, and that he's a down-to-earth regular guy who likes to help people. Good to know there are people in the public eye like him.

  3. You, my friend are all kinds of awesomesauce! Love Nathan, loved the interview!!

  4. This post is so good. Great things that Nathan Fillion had to say. I've never met him (sad face) but I love him on Firefly & Castle. I think it's inspiring (is that too cheesy?) how one event with someone can really change your life and turn you in the direction of a great place. :)

  5. Jen says: Reply

    Awesome interview and an even awesomer story on how you met Nathan.

  6. Very inspiring article. Thanks for sharing….BTW: Nathan grew up in my hometown. What a small world.

  7. jacenK says: Reply

    excellent work sweetie

  8. I love this story! Now we know the genesis of Destructo Deviations. :) Amazing how one event, as small or infinitesimal it may seem at the time, can have a life altering change. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Emily says: Reply

    Man! I know you say that social MEDIA is your expertise, but I feel like you’re an expert at just plain old socializing! This is just one of many stories I’ve heard about you just meeting celebrities out of the blue by deciding to just go up and say hi. And instead of coming off as a creepy stalker, as I probably would, you make lifelong friendships! That takes a skill of human interaction that I just don’t have… I’m very impressed!

  10. excellent work sweetie

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