Foursquare Day: Why Tampa Needs To Be Excited.

Oh Tampa, you’ve been there with me through it all… except you can kind of be like that friend that will party with you but if you have to move they’ll find a reason not to be there. It’s not that you aren’t a good friend, we just don’t get to see each other much anymore and you just need a little motivation. Well, Tampa… here’s a reason to finally get excited, and you can do it from anywhere.. yes, even…. the local bar. You lush.

Foursquare Day is checking itself into Tampa (and worldwide) on April 16th and you need to get involved. Why? If you are a Tampa resident in the know about all things tech or social media, you’ve probably wondered why the heck we as a large city, don’t seem to have the frequent “tweetups” or gatherings that many other social media savy areas have.

*gets out map*

How many cities of the Tampa Bay area can you name? Yeah, it’s a doozy. We’ve got at least 20 different parts of Tampa, not to mention Clearwater, Largo and St. Pete. And yes… Pasco County counts. But only up to ten…*snorts*. When I lived in Greenville, South Carolina…the social media meetups were at least 3 times a week. Well, everyone lives 15 minutes away from Downtown Greenville. Many of the larger cities have mass transportation and smaller groups in different areas… Bottom line, it’s hard to round everyone up out of their different areas to get them into ONE place at one time.

Foursquare Day is a landmark solution to this problem, it allows all the nooks and crannies of Tampa to be involved in one event while in their own areas. Foursquare is an application you can use on your I-Phone or Smartphone to “check into” places in your town. By doing so you can see if your friends may be checked into the same place, earn badges and even become the mayor of the location if you visit the place frequently. At first about hearing of Foursquare, I was pretty sure I might as well just give the stalkers my address. But it does have privacy features and not to mention more and more businesses are embracing foursquare for a promotional tool. Example: Hyatt Regency Tampa is giving a 50% eatery discount to anyone who becomes the Foursquare Mayor of their hotel. Pretty great way to get people to keep on coming back and it rewards you for just going to your favorite places. No Tampa… I don’t think Mons Venus is offering a Foursquare discount.

But if that’s what you want Tampa, get involved with Foursquare Day. Check into those businesses on that day that are offering discounts, get rewarded, finally meet those people that have been stalking you. Do you go to a place that isn’t announced as an Foursquare Day check-in spot? Find them on twitter, tell em about Foursquare.. show em this post… maybe they’ll get on board as well.

More details to come soon about exactly where you’ll need to go on April 16th.. but keep posted to the Foursquare Day Facebook and Wiki. In the meantime, be proud Tampa and tell everyone about Foursquare Day… it’s a huge day in the way of how technology is changing not only our social lives but promoting small local business and bringing communities together. It all started here in Tampa, so if you see @natebw and @redheadjessica checked in somewhere, say thanks for getting Foursquare Day from just a local idea to now a worldwide event.

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  1. Awesome, Miss. D. I think you really nailed why Foursquare Day is such a big deal for Tampa Bay. It is such a wonderful opportunity to use social media to its fullest and enrich our lives and connections to our own damn city.

    I really hope that every single resident and business owner reads this. Even if they don't "do twitter" or even if they are Gowalla fans. It is all about interacting and supporting each other. And swarming.

    Woohoo! Less than 3 weeks to go.

  2. I'm not a Foursquare user (in fact, you're the only person I know who uses it!) but I'm of the general opinion that it just seems like WAY too much information to be giving out about myself online. Plus, I just can't imagine wanting to update my location every time I got somewhere! …It's hard for people like me to understand how something like Foursquare could possibly encourage social interaction, when it seems like I could just call someone up and ask if they're gonna be somewhere at the same time as me… or look around and see if they're there, rather than just typing it into my iPhone. So I guess my question is, how does that work? Are you just supposed to… go up to computer-using strangers at the various locations and ask if they are also using Foursquare right now? And if you do that…. then what? If I were prone to just approach random folks in public, couldn't I do that without using Foursquare?

    I guess I just always figured that this kind of thing was directed at a pretty niche market of folks, but then I read about stuff like Foursquare Day that is trying to direct it at a larger audience. The question that never seems to get answered is, "What motivation would people like me have to become involved in something like that?" SO since you're promoting the event and are of the opinion that it would be a fun thing for EVERYONE to get involved in… perhaps you can answer my burning question! Which mostly is…. why?

    1. The privacy issues are real and most definitely need to be addressed by foursquare.

      Social interaction is just a part of it. In my opinion it only works when your friends are using it or there is a critical mass. At SXSW people were able to see if there is a popular party or speech that they had missed or had not planned to attend.

      The power in Foursquare right now is the ability to find deals/specials close by and for businesses to have clear data of their loyal/repeat customers. The toughest part is to convince people and venues that there is value in using it.

      The best examples right now are in major cities, where many venues and people have adopted foursquare. Few weeks ago I was in NYC and after checking into a place, was alerted that there are drink and food deals on the same block. I had to do no work besides check inro a place that I was having dinner, and instantly get a notification about another venue I might be interested in.

    2. Foursquare has a game aspect in it, stealing mayorships is my pastime. There is points & a ranking system which is another way of battling. It also will tell you if your friends are close, say in a coffee shop down the street.

      As for privacy, only friend people you would normally allow to know where you are at a given time. There is always checking-in "off the grid" which is another fun way to steal mayorships!

      1. jkrums says: Reply

        Actually anyone that knows your screen name can see where you are by going on, even if you are not friends with them.

      2. I have to admit… I do want to be the mayor of something!

  3. This was one of the most exciting things I've read today. As a foursquare user and lover of all things Tampa, I was truly getting all worked up about how fun this is going to be. That is…until I realized I'm out of town that weekend. Dammit! I will be following along anyway.

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  5. By "lush", you meant me, right?

  6. I live in Bradenton and even I will be coming up to Tampa for the #4sqday event. Looking VERY much looking forward to it! :-) I want to earn my swarm badge! I really hope this is a big success.

  7. Being a Tampa Native I think its a brilliant idea. Networking is so important & knowing wants going on around in your community too. Being able to meet and promote bussinesses is something I've always been interested in. I like to help people especially being a past local resident of Tampa. It has alot of history. I think its a great city. (pirate city). good luck and I will definitely follow up.

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  9. Amanda says: Reply

    I'm interested! I've only lived in the area for a month and don't know ANYONE so I don't really go anywhere (I'm pathetic), but I used it in Orlando all the time. At first my friends made fun of me, but now they are foursquaring(eh?) everything from lunch to the grocery store lol.

    1. Miss Destructo says: Reply

      Amanda! Come on out to the Foursquare Day Swarm Party on April 16th at the Hyatt Regency Tampa (Downtown) 6-10pm :) Really love to meet you!

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