Celebrate April Fools with Fake Foursquare Day


Usually every April 1st, I hang up my twitter for the day. With the tons of fake news stories, announcement, event cancellations and such… I just can’t keep up with all of the deviation. Especially after last year’s Nine Inch Nails twitter announcement of the new Timberland produced album “Strobe Light”. This year, I decided to make April 1st my own devation with starting the twitter hashtag #fake4sqday with people checking in from fake locations across the globe. NOTE: Don’t really check-in to fake locations, just use the hashtag. We don’t want to clutter up Foursquare.

For Example: @critus said…  I just checked into the Betty Ford Clinic! #fake4sqday

Not only is #fake4sqday a great way to celebrate April Fools with your twitter pals, but to help promote the upcoming Foursquare Day event. Where across the globe and here in Tampa, we will be having a real event with local businesses offering great deals to Foursquare users who check in to their businesses.

View Stats on #fake4sqday here… http://wthashtag.com/Fake4sqday

For more information on the REAL Foursquare Day #4sqday on April 16th check out http://www.4sqday.com

Join the Tampa Swarm on Foursquare Day.

Edit: Thanks to Carol Zara of http://www.digitallyblonde.com/ for being the catalyst #fake4sq tweets babe before #fake4sqday. No there will not be a jello wrestling match at #fake4sqday… sorry.

Have fun today and use hashtag #fake4sqday to join in on the deviation!


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