Okay, as the state of Destructo HQ shows… over the last few weeks it’s been mighty messy. Between my father being ill and helping with social media destruction of Foursquare Day here in Tampa, everyone has been asking how I am able to keep it together without having a complete Destructo sized meltdown. Here’s some ways to keep it together when life gets messy…

1. Keep yourself social

Get out and do something, even if it is related to your stressor… make it enjoyable. My father being in the hospital has brought my family much closer together and Foursquare Day has introduced me to some amazing new people on the Foursquare Day Tampa team and beyond, we’ve all found ways to have fun with the planning and brainstorming among all the chaos.

2. Get hydrated

I drink a ton of Green Tea during the day. Tons, if there’s a flavor of Green Tea. I probably own it. Not only does it keep me hydrated but keeps my skin happy and pretty much clear of any of those fun things stress can bring upon. My favorite teas are Bigelow. They are cheap and full of flavor, I always have some Constant Comment Green Tea and Peach Green Tea around.

3. Have a few tricks up your sleeve

I just recently discovered the Rescue Remedy line, made from flower extracts. I can remember seeing these little tins all over Germany. I thought they were just throat lozenges but then I did some research and saw all the amazing stress relief benefits. I pop a few before a big event or interview  and things seem much clearer. Not to mention they are portable and perfect for traveling. Valerian Root capsules are another one of my favorites for anxiety and stress. Having trouble sleeping? Take a few of these before bed. However, they can put you into deep sleep… I can’t be responsible about any strange dreams about Bruce’s Yams or Blue Haired People.


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