For the last week i’ve been in Montreal, Canada for the Kinetik Festival and general destroying of boredom. Kinetik, almost a perfect word to encompass the intense moving force behind every moment of my journey. Riots ensued across the city a few days after my arrival due to the winning Canadiens hockey team, I met with great minds like Tamy Emma Pepin that fueled my passion for the social media community, climbed a mountain, laid on the grass with a few long lost friends during Les-tam-tams and opened up my eyes to life beyond the frame I have created in my own world.

Above all, I was inspired by the almost exhaustive passion and above and beyond work that the creator of Kinetik Festival  JeanFrancois Fortin Gadoury and his team put into the Kinetik Festival. I have never once been to a festival where the staff is so attentive and put 150% percent of themselves into every minute of the weekend. If you did see them, they were a blur. Most worked 20 hour days, they even had shuttle drivers for the bands at the main hotel that worked all day with little or no pay. JeanFrancois stated that he recieved over 1200 phone calls in seven days, I would have reconsidered even doing another festival. But this is the third year and still going strong… all due to the undying love for the ebm/industrial music community.

Great video from Faderhead on Kinetik Festival. (NSFW due to language)

The bands such as Lights of Euphoria and Frozen Plasma were superb, the energy of the audience was like being in a crowd with 500 of your best friends and the atmosphere of the main venue Usine C was incredible, very clean and modern building. My only complaint is that there wasn’t a big enough dance floor at the downstairs club for some serious dance action, however after a few hours I found myself dancing along to old school 80’s rap. Nothing is like a bunch of goth kids getting down to Run DMC.

At least it wasn’t this guy…

Here’s some tips for those attending Kinetik Festival next year.

-I stayed at the Quality Hotel Downtown Montreal ($40 a night on hotwire) $10 more you can get an upgrade to a suite with a fridge and king size bed. Right across the street from supermarket and 3 min walk to Place De Arts metro (two stops to Beaudry exit). I loved my room and the staff was more than helpful and nice.

-If you are looking for a super close hotel, Hotel Felix. It’s right around the corner from Usine C.

-Weekly CAM Hebdo passes are awesome for the Metro.

-Taxi from airport is only about $38 dollars. Do it. Saved me tons of time and hassle.

-If there is  a band you want to see, just wait till the band before gets done and wiggle your way to a good spot. Left side will make your heart jump with the bass, so I generally say stick to the middle.

-Get the Diamond Pass for the festival. It’s worth the money from everyone I talked with, if you are planning on seeing a bunch of bands. Do it.

-Bands, the backstage area is NICE. Lots of showers and private bathrooms as well. When you are on the road, you know how important these are. They will also take good care of you with shuttles from main hotel to venue and airport.

-Oh and one little tip for the mornings… Emergen-C powder. For the win.

All my memories from last week are moving at the speed of light it seems now in my head, but it’s lasting effects are nothing but pure energy. Thanks to the staff of Kinetik and all my friends that shared those moments with me. Things will never be the same.

Check out my photos on Flickr from my Montreal 2010 trip.


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