For me, i’ve always wanted to cut my hair super short… to have a punk rawkin mohawk or a cute Audrey Hepburn do. I’ve always had this motto in my head, “Do it while you are young”… today, it was “It’s only hair…” That’s right folks, I have went from a bob to a super short pixie cut. As my friend Allie from That Girl Allie put it “The shot heard around the world” as if I can’t count the number of comments I received when I announced the news online earlier of my new ‘do.

Was this planned. Uh no. Yes, that was decided just this morning…No, i’ve never had my hair this short. Honestly. It was nerve racking yet thrilling to finally do something i’ve always wanted to do. Something in me has always wanted to try a short hairstyle like this, but I was always with that feeling… “I’ll look hideously boyish”. I’ve always been one to oooh and ah over the short haired divas like Annie Lennox and all those ladies that rock the androgynous style. I figured what the hell, it’s only hair… if it was only that easy to decide since my hair is such a part of the Miss Destructo brand, but it’s about time I got away from that old image and haircut that still didn’t feel like ME.

Now, I stop in the mirror and feel pretty again… not only that, but in a manner… whole. It just feels right. What a liberating experience to do something that you’ve always wanted to do… spontaneously without planning. Also strange how losing a little bit of hair can open up a new chapter and outlook on life as well. I have taken many risks in all kinds of aspects and most of them have been because something just felt “stuck” in a current position. Basically, I am one of those people… as some of you may know I moved this time last year from Greenville, SC. If I don’t feel like I am following my heart or if there is something I want. I’ll go for it no matter the obstacles or how much it scares the crap out of me. This pertains to any kind of risk you can take, it’s scary but as I learned from Nathan Fillion “Do it if it scares you” this couldn’t have been any truer in most of the things I have done in my life that were risky but ended up changing my life for the positive.

Anyways I want you ALL to take risks and do something that you’ve always wanted to do this week… apply for that dream job, start your own business, tell that crush that you dig em, get a tattoo, sing karaoke, dye your hair blue… whatever it is. Go for it, no matter your age… you’ve only got one little life… plus you’ll need stories when you write that best selling novel.

What have you always wanted to do in life that seemed risky?

Thank you to my amazing hairstylist Vanessa Gomes. @lilmissvg... Visit her at Salon Lofts Tampa


13 thoughts on “Take Risks: What Have You Always Wanted To Do In Life?”

  1. Hey, I really like it! Now I'm not alone in the short hair girl club. I must warn you, though– you will get a lot of smiles from women that are obviously lesbians. That took a lot of getting used to for me initially, but I'm used to it now. (I was like you, I just went and got it all chopped off one day when I was in college but I haven't let it grow back since.)

  2. As someone who regularly shaved her head and wore the ultra pixie for years, I am so happy you have now felt the liberation of the short hair cut. I hope you still keep some blue in there though – its goes really well with your complexion!! You pull off the style amazingly. kudos lovey.

  3. Number one, the hair looks amazing.

    Number two, this is a great idea. If people would take more risks every day, I think there would be a great deal more innovation in all facets of life.

  4. I like the new cut but of course even your old hair was shorter than mine ..I I’m just a long haired surfer rat ..but woman you got it going on! Risk is the only way to live .. I take physical risks all the time and love it just need to learn to take more interpersonal risks ..those are the ball busters.


  5. Fabulous new do! Adam Lambert? Your dad sounds hysterical! My dad has no idea who Adam Lambert even is! Hehe!

  6. Love your thoughts here. Great post, Amber. You look great.

    Like I told you before, I went through the same trauma when I cut my hair at IZEA Fest last year. I donated 3 years of growth to Locks For Love. I went through the same internal dialogue, stressing over my hair as part of my brand. Everyone identified me as the golfer with the longest hair on the planet. No doubt, I stood out, but was *the hair* really that important to my brand?

    Consider this, my long hair wasn't my brand… WHAT IT REPRESENTED was my brand. I'm bold, edgy, brash, and different in the golf world. My hair said, "I don't give a shit about golf norms." Your brand is very similar. It's not so much the style. It's the fact that you're edgy and alternative and UNIQUE and will do whatever the F you want to your hair! You might have blue hair one day, a mohawk the next day, then no hair a week later.

    With that said, I think cutting your hair fits you and your brand perfectly! ;-)

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