You may all be wondering what the heck this is…. well, I stumbled out of my room in a waking fog and found this in my chair. All my housemates were confessing was that it showed up to my door this delivered by an omnious black SUV. They didn’t see who dropped it off.

Great. I once got an eight foot bull whip in the mail from Maxim Magazine randomly. But, this was obviously a guitar and trying to remember what random musician that might be obsessed with me. I seriously almost dialed a few long distance numbers from the past and then I saw the label…


What the heck is this…

Sylvie? Um. Now this is getting weird. Which has become common place in Destructo HQ. But really, this is some David Lynchery.

I started to examine the neck of the guitar, saw red paint splatter and was like “Okay, some random person made an art piece and dropped it off” But who the hell is Sylvie. I started checking my emails, my contacts… no Sylvie.

The next ten minutes of my mind racing, in front of the black trash bag guitar wrapped in amp cable, trying to decide if I should unwrap it or call the police. In typical Miss Destructo fashion, I slowly cut away the black bag. Only to reveal a destroyed guitar, covered in red paint and smashed to all hell. Okay. Who did I piss off?

I started examining it more, wondering if I was going to find a secret message or detonator. There was a sticker covered in “blood” on the neck of the guitar, with a website., using my Myst and many years of playing Resident Evil skills. I visited the website.

Image from

Meet Sylvie.

The address goes directly to the Howl-O-Scream event website…promoting their new rocker themed horror event starring the deliciously deviant rocker Sylvie and her band My X. *facepalm* Oh man did I ever get skooled by local theme park Busch Gardens.

Woah here she comes, she’s a man eater. Thanks @sylviemyx and @mybuschgardens, this will go down in the record books as the coolest piece of mail I have ever received. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the event…

I need my scooby snacks,


8 thoughts on “The Coolest Piece of Mail I’ve Ever Received.”

  1. she does look like Gina Gershon in Prey For Rock Roll. That is a killer way to promote their show. Thanks for providing the band link(s). Awesome.

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