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Alright. I am a huge Adam Lambert fan, my father was actually the fan first religiously watching American Idol and dragging me into the living room to hear “the goth Elvis with the nail polish”. I sat there in awe, I saw a larger than life stage presence, someone that was going to really grab America’s attention and say “I’m strange, I’m different.. but I’m talented and im going to rock your face off.” I could easily relate to this motto and I have to admit, he’s been a huge inspiration for me in the last few years. And yes, I went to my hairdresser Vanessa @LilMissVG with a picture of Adam Lambert. True story. Adam tested and approved, he thinks I have kick ass hair. *falls over*

Yesterday, my sister Amy and I were invited out by the 933Flz crew to get in on a fan chat session with Adam Lambert. The chat session which was aired online through their website, it was a interactive chat where Adam was taking questions from the chat room, twitter and the in studio audience. From what 933Flz staff tell me, they could hardly keep up with the amount of tweets that were streaming in for Adam. I’d love to get some stats on that! *cough*

Being that Adam is one of the few celebrities that maintains his own twitter account and frequently posts as well as speaks his mind about current issues going on in his life. Yes, he certainly “Tweets Naked”. I asked him a little about twitter and being a celebrity.(Cut to 2:08)

“I think Twitter’s great because it cuts to the chase, I can directly make a statement about something as opposed to going through all the channels and waiting for it to go to the news. It’s instant and it comes right from me, I think it’s really legitimate and authentic. And another thing I like about it is I can read what my fans are saying, you know what they think. I think it’s a great way to interact for sure” -Adam Lambert

adam lambert autograph

Adam was incredibly poised and very down to earth, wearing flip flops with haute “midnight blue” toe nail polish. He stepped up to the plate, answering all the hot questions. Even about his latest run in with the media and that infamous paparazzi incident. When asked if he was going to be pitching at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays game.. he stated “I’m not much of a pitcher, I’m more of a catcher..” I nearly lost it… tre cool to be comfortable enough just to let that fly out there. Adam, seriously. Next time you are in Tampa. I’m taking you out on the town boy. I need a new bodyguard. And I will totally call you AL.

Thank you 933flz, Tommy Chuck, DJGoofyWhiteKid, my sister Amy and Adam Lambert for making this all happen.


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