Last week I attended the amazing Radical Planet Unconference in Toronto, Canada…. It was two days of non-stop action packed Human Resources and Recruiting discussions. I loved the “unconference” vibe where we would all gather around in a circle and openly discuss scheduled topics rather than be spoken to. During these two days I not only participated in many of the fast paced discussions but learned tons of juicy info about the recruiting industry and how they are struggling to become more involved with social media for finding talent. As many of you local Tampa folks might of heard Nate Brown from K-Force talk about last week at Tampa’s own Barcamp 2011 on the same topic, of “Recruiting 2.0” talent searching is becoming symbiotic with the use of social media tools.

Here’s some of my key takeaways from Radical Planet 2011. Huge thanks to Geoff Webb and all that were involved in making this event happen.

Social Recruiting

  • Go where your talent is…. look at where people in the target industry are.
  • If your targets hate recruiters, don’t beat them join them. Make jokes about recruiting, be human.
  • Social channels account for 3 to 5 percent of recruiting.
  • Most time surveys of source of hire are false. People don’t say they found a job through social media.

Social Media ROI in Recruiting

  • Use a flow chart of social networks of pre-research for jobseekers… Google to Twitter to Website to Monster.
  • Use links to measure hits against applications and hires.

Be Proactive

  • Build a brand around the communities you are going to be recruiting. Build a talent community and pipeline.*Youtube*
  • Instead of an email blast- Send a video, stickiness. Video retention rates are 85%.
  • One minute video with social channels mentioned (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In)
  • Personalize the videos.
  • Make a blooper reel.

Be Real

  • Don’t use stock photos, show your company culture.

Employer Branding

  • The employer brand isn’t what the company wants to be but what the employee should want….
  • Be true to your brand, be truthful. Point out the cool points of your company. Make people want to work there. Show value.
  • Your employment brand is why billable consultants want to work for you.
  • Google talks about their foozeball table. The reality is they expect people to live there and work hard but they are successful at employer branding.
  • Talk to the employees and ask them why they stay and why they like working here.
  • Brand is a feeling. Show the feeling of what is like working there…
  • You want to make an interviewee an advocate. Learn by doing work, trial projects
  • Think about employees getting along with other employees.

Recruiting for a small company

  • Get out of your HR bubble, Go over to the marketing dept and have them help with your ideas and confirm your strategies.

Spotlight Employees

  • Interview an employee. Feature them on a newsletter or in your company blog.

Company Culture

  • Trickle Economics- Find out what the top 5 people in your company’s value’s are.
  • Culture is strengthened in a company when there is a catalyst for change in the culture. Companies need to always keep evolving.


  • “It’s not that you’re not right. It’s that you’re not right now.”
  • “Your strongest keyword is your own name, tag all your job keywords with your name and location”
  • “Use keywords for smaller surrounding cities when posting job listings”
  • “Most people aren’t good employees. It’s not that they suck, it’s that work sucks. That’s capitalism.”

Radical Planet Revolutionaries

Get Involved

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  1. Yay, Toronto represent! And for those of us who weren't at the conference, this is a really powerful summary of take-aways. I love it :)

    (Online video seems emphasized, I've heard it's one of the fastest growing industries :D)

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