As a pet owner I know how troubling and nervewracking losing a pet can be, luckily today I was able to help out a local pet owner be reunited with their pup all through the use of social media.

Around 4pm today I saw a photo of a well manicured stray dog come across my facebook news feed from the Pasco County Animal Services Facebook Page.

A few hours later, I luckily saw a tweet fly by on twitter that caught my eye.

“Friend is missing Schnauzer in Tampa, please contact”

I knew that this could be a possible match so I sent the person all the contact details of the shelter and the dog’s id number, at first the owners weren’t sure if it was the correct dog. Only a few minutes later through the animal services Facebook page… one of the volunteers keeping up with facebook comments sent more photos to the owner.

Then I got this on Twitter only an hour later.

Don’t tell me ever that social media doesn’t make a difference. :)

If you have lost your pet here’s some helpful hints.

  • Visit your surrounding counties animal services Facebook pages and websites.
  • Look for “Lost Pets” facebook pages in your county.
  • Post on your social media accounts- Photos, last location seen and zipcode is helpful. More physical details the better. Ask for friends to share.
  • Check Craigslist (Pets & Lost and Found sections)
  • Set up a Twitter Search for “found dog” + “your location” or type/breed of pet.
  • Set up Google Alerts for search terms such as “found dog” + “your location”

Again, time is of the essence because sadly most strays only have a few days before put to sleep, especially if aggressive and or sick. Many rescues will pick up healthy dogs, but then again i’ve sadly seen way too many animals put down only after a few days at the shelter due to overcrowding. Make sure your pet is microchipped and keep checking with local animal services and social media outlets.

Now if only you could get your pet to check in on foursquare…


8 thoughts on “Social Good: Finding A Lost Pet Using Social Media”

  1. Great article, Amber. I have been active in reuniting lost pets with their owners for decades. It is indeed rewarding.

    Great tips for people who have lost their pets. There are pet lo-jack systems in existence now. They just aren't used widely.

    I shared your article on Green Pets America's Facebook Page. This is the organization that I support as they are doing a lot of good work in helping homeless pets find loving homes.

    Here is the link to the post:

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