The rumors are true. I’m excited to announce that i’ll be moving to Seattle in a few weeks right after New Media Expo in Vegas. The lease has been signed on our sitcomesque apartment, addresses have been changed, many boxes have been packed and I can’t wait to become an official Seattleite.  I’ve been at Meshfire in Seattle for the past six months pouring all of my heart into the development of an amazing social media collaboration tool and amongst many visits for work I have fell in love with the city, it’s people and the support for technology… not to mention the food, oh lordy Jesus, the food. I’ve traveled all over the world and never found a city that fit my lifestyle and personality as perfectly as Seattle, I hope to make this place my home for many years.

Our new home

It’s been quite a journey the last three years in Tampa, i’ve learned many hard lessons about people, relationships and business. Over this time amongst the good and bad, I have truly have grown into a much smarter person and honestly, if I met myself a few years ago I probably would have kicked my own ass. However, life is all about evolving and growth, I am glad to have had the time I have had in Tampa as it has made me who I am today.

I’ll truly miss those who have always supported me through all the ups and downs, those who haven’t can just stay miserable with themselves. No time for naysayers and dramatic troublemakers… more time for hard work on Meshfire, great coffee and amazing memories to be made on the West Coast.

Never let anyone say you can’t do something ever, it’s your life, take chances. This is probably the biggest, riskiest move i’ve ever made and I can’t wait to see how the next chapter turns out.



13 thoughts on “Moving To Seattle!”

  1. good luck with the BIG DIAGONAL MOVE … We will welcome you with open arms here in Seattle. As your blog post says … it's a great city and an incredible community. We expect to see you at the Social Media Club Seattle events (perhaps as a sponsor? — hint hint).

    We moved to Seattle from SoCal 13 years ago after a life of sun and sand. We'd never go back. I think you will find the same is true for you too. Ping me when you arrive and we'll grab coffee.

  2. excited for you and proud of you Amber, it's been a great pleasure sharing the last few years with you here, and watching you grow, keep reaching for the sky, and don't be a stranger :)

  3. Your Royal Spunkiness will surely be missed here. Best to you in your new adventures. You and Nate should connect with Chris & Diana Pirillo up there–it'll be a double Thelma & Louise! :-)

  4. I have never been to Seattle in the 'winter' but I imagine it could be the best time to appear, weather wise. When one finds their 'home' every single fiber of your being says "this is it!" Congratulations!!!!!

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  6. Congratulations to this new turning point of your life. I've been into Seattle for 2 long years and I enjoyed my stay there. People are warm and there are a lot of job opportunities. Given a chance, I would want my family to migrate in the place.

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