On Fame, Public Opinion and Being Different: What David Bowie Meant To Me

This day has been a day I have been dreading for years now. I always said if David Bowie died I wouldn’t be seen for weeks while I was in mourning, of course this was my twelve year old self that wasn’t running a company at the time. I made a bucket list item to meet David Bowie and thank him in person for making me stronger through tough times. He was truly an inspiration for those who were different. Something reminded me of an old St. Pete Times article that wrote about my “rise to fame” that really hit it home on how much his work impacted my life.

I was a blue haired, tech geek in my early 20’s trying to create something from nothing, I lived at home with my dad who was ill at the time and old dying chihuahua. I had no money and a lot of fake friends. It was definitely not the easiest of times but since then I’ve accomplished so much and have a lot to be thankful for.

I honestly used to hate every press article that came out about me, I found things written about me inaccurate, the words I said turned around or taken out of context at the time. I felt vulnerable to the the lesser products of the internet, my family was angry with me, I couldn’t get a job… In a nutshell, fame sucked and I was definitely too young to handle the attention on my own.

Since this was in a major newspaper, trolls came after me thinking “How can such a person like this weirdo kid even make this a career?” I got nasty emails and comments galore. It was very rough on me emotionally, but it didn’t stop me. It just made me motivated to succeed.

Life is not about your career, or money… it’s about what you do with what you do in life and the people you help by doing it.

I would say this article looking back now was a a mirror on an evolutionary point in my career for sure. But truly it was a reflection on what made me who I am today.

Thank you David Bowie for everything I am today, your songs are engrained into the soundtrack and fiber of my life…. Also thank you to Stephanie Hayes for writing this article, it was to go back and reflect where I have come from and on the impact David had on my life and others.

Thank you David, without you I would be nothing.

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  1. Thank you David Bowie for everything I am today, your songs are engrained into the soundtrack and fiber of my life…. Amen to that.

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