2017 has only just begun, but already has left many of us feeling defeated, angry and depressed. There is no more of a perfect time than now to free yourself of unwanted negativity or negative people. It might be a close friend, it might be a family member or maybe it is a stranger on the internet.

If you know someone who places strict judgement of anyone because of their life choices, what their last name is, origin, how they look, what they wear or what their job is… etc…. etc… over taking the time to learn what the situation is, who a person actually is and how they treat people. The list goes on and on… 

We know this is happening to us and feel it everyday, there is enough of that kind of small thinking now and they may or may not realize they are only contributing to the problem.

Never forget. You are not the problem. You are trying to be happy and doing the best you can like all of us are. Life is weird, people are weird, things happen beyond our control or there’s more to the story than might be on the surface or through the grapevine. All of us make mistakes, some of us fight against ourselves enough everyday to have someone else try to tell us what we should be doing in our lives.

Just remember… Some people cannot be fixed or swayed and that is okay. If you need to, see how you feel when you take a break away from these people or these online mediums that are fueling this. Note: You can also use lists on FB and other fancy plugins to filter content on social networks.

Go on and be happy with your life, be aware, be proactive. Love each other, make amazing things happen for the people around you, share great moments with each other, keep on fighting for what is good and surround yourself with supportive and people genuinely care about you. You don’t always have to be there to let them know that you are there. There’s a lot going on now and many of us don’t know how to feel or what to do.

The more supportive we are and surrounded by love, pushing each other to do better and be happier collectively… the more we help define and power each other that we are bigger than the darkness.

Start today. Be a light.

5 thoughts on “How To Put Yourself Back Together When The World Is Falling Apart”

  1. So many good lines. U did hard work to manage life living with good thoughts. Pl go on continue writing tro inspire the human being. God bless u dear.

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