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Amber Osborne a.k.a Miss Destructo is the CMO at Doghead Simulations, a virtual reality meeting software company. Previously the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Meshfire, an artificial intelligence driven social media management software in Seattle, WA. She is also the former Vice President and Co-Founder at Head of Lettuce Media in Tampa, Florida specializing in social media brand management and consulting.

Her previous social media software company Meshfire was ranked by VentureBeat as a #1 and #2 Best Best in Social Media Management software for small and medium sized businesses. Amber has been a catalyst in the marketing, business development, product development, community building and machine learning processes behind Ember (Meshfire’s AI/Machine Learning component) since the company started in 2012. Amber has also successfully switched Meshfire’s marketing vertical with customers primarily in the video game and entertainment industries such as Scuf Gaming, 3D Realms, Wargaming and Cyan Worlds. Currently, Amber was also a featured technology writer for Lenovo’s Small Business program.

Featured as #2 out of 50 Most Influential CMO’s on Social Media by ForbesTop 100 CMO’s On Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine, 30 Under 30 in 425 Magazine and one of 2014’s 50 Industry Influencers by AG Beat and Simply Measured’s Top 10 CMO’s on Twitter

Amber has been featured in Forbes, TimeHuffington PostMashable, TechRepublicPuget Sound Business JournalSt. Pete Times, MSNBC, ABCnews, LA Weekly, CNN Headline News, Search Engine Journal and Fast Company Online. Also a speaker on social media topics at PAX, CES, SXSW 2011, a keynote panelist at IStrategy Amsterdam and voted Creative Loafing’s Best of The Bay 2010 Best Tampa Twitter Personality.





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  2. Beautiful, smart, and unique…

    Amber Osborne was a speaker at TalentNet Live in Dallas in August 2011. Miss Destructo and her friends helped me from the reverse perspective at the recruiting conference. Thanks to Miss Destructo and her friends, I re-tooled my social media presence to land a new job. Definitely should be hired for this new age of Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

    1. Wow! Thank you Eugene and glad we could help. You rock that new job!

  3. Amber has true talent!

  4. Amber has helped me in many ways without expecting anything in return. She is simply awesome. I recently was able to form a new business relationship with the help of her social influence and huge network. You're simply the best Amber, thanks again…..!

  5. Amber is the bees knees!

  6. So I met this crazy chick twitter and she invited me out to a "tweet up", what ever that was. 2 years later I have learned more about social media and generally how to work with people from her than nearly anyone else I have met. I've seen her create incredible opportunity for her self and others, learn how to drive again(took Audi bribing her with an A7), and sadly, become a slightly more sane individual.

    All joking aside, Amber is one of the more creative problem solvers I know(the other one has leopard print hair, again, not joking). She genuinely wants to help people and see companies and causes she believes in succeed. I can honestly say I'm a better person become I know her, and that might not mean much to the overly analytically "corporate suits", but it does in the human world, and it's people, both customers and your employees, that are the backbone of your business.

  7. Amber Osborne is HOT, intelligent and has a great personality…The perfect combination of a social media rock star. My past company hired "Miss Destructo" when she was with HOLM for social media consulting. She helped me out tremendously in regards to social media brand monitoring and best practices for effective social media marketing.

    One thing that has always stuck with me today when communicating with an audience is the 3 E's :: "Entertain, Engage, & Educate." Of course, offering a great product, whatever it may be, is important too.

    Thanks for all your help! Antony too!

  8. Beneath Amber's stunning Hepburn-like runway looks is one of the naturally sharpest minds I have been fortunate to engage with, learn from, and simply be amazed by. To me, it is far too limiting to confine her human dynamic understanding and definitive communication abilities together with her technological expertise that has a forward momentum that outpaces others into a single specialty as 'Social Media Expert' when for the most part she contributes to the evolution of the field in general as a common daily activity!

    Her commitment to ethical best Practices and dedication to Excellence demonstrates how she herself epitomizes the very Integrity that needs be the standard, and Amber has always been the professional partner and client mentor to rely upon faithfully for services, products, and general advice. With her clever wit she will cut a singular path others may follow wholeheartedly, but make no mistake this lady is truly a rising star to hitch hopes on: she means business, and performs flawlessly in whatever task she undertakes. Amber believes in measurable results, and expertly uses proven methodologies to achieve predictably superior results that are not only sustainable, but distinctively unique. She simply does what she says, and does it with peerless excellence. Always.

    I am privileged to have Amber as a 'Secret Resource' to rely upon as I continue toward achieving our own brand goals as we transform our vision into a successful reality. You should be as lucky …

  9. Shelby G. Spires says: Reply

    I first saw Amber on Facebook and thought “Wow, I have NOT seen blue hair that striking since 1984.” I started to follow her on twitter and FB, and was entertained by her wit and awed by her knowledge of social media. To this day, I love her insight and look forward to her many pics of Queenie.
    I am sure she thought “Who is that guy with the outdated picture that keeps retweeting everything?” about me, but you just cannot spread enough of Miss Destructo (bring back the blue I miss 1984).

  10. I want to be like Miss Destructo when I grow up! Seriously. Being unemployed is heinous!

  11. Lori Moore Thompson says: Reply

    Hey Amber! -Been following you since your Greenville, SC days. Really love seeing where you’ve been and where you’re going! Congrats and here’s to future success!!! :)

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