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  • Get A Haircut, Get A Real Job.

    “Cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why”- INXS Usually when I get asked what I do, I tell people Social Media Consultant. *blank stare* “Uh, I community manage and create brands online…” *blank stare* “I play with twitter and facebook.” OHHHHHHH….You can get paid for THAT? *faceplant* “Yeah, most of […]

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  • My Life As A Grit….

    Be Memorable. Be Sticky. Be A Grit. I  got a great comment from a reader awhile back… “I really enjoy the blogs, although I look at them more like a newsletter. Have you ever considered writing for a magazine or editorial? I think you would do great, and then you could make money for your […]