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  • I’m Back From Outer Space a.k.a Florida

    We just told Darien that Darth Vader would melt his brain.@TheCastle in Ybor City, FLPhoto by The Drunk Camera Guy Well, it’s mighty great to be back in Greenville after a long nine-hour drive and three week stay in my hometown of New Port Richey, FL. But there are just some special things that Greenville […]

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  • Twitter is PEOPLE!

    , The other evening I had a great idea for a Twitter related shirt, declaring “Twitter is PEOPLE!” giving reference to the movie Soylent Green and also the social aspect of Twitter. I totally want one and after seeing how many times that phrase was retweeted after telling the world my plans I was thinking […]

  • miss destructo
  • The Power of Yams…

    Yams at Big Lots! SCORE! What are Yams?It’s amazing how one little thing such as a yam holds a powerhouse of nutrition. Yams are low in calories (just more than 100 calories per medium sweet potato) and a great source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium. It’s really become a mythical […]

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  • Miss Destructo on the News!

    My Easter morning was a early one, I got up at 5am to head on over to the WYFF station for my exciting interview about Destructo Deviations for the Sound Off South feature for WYFF here in Greenville. Some of you may have seen my little blue head filling up your TV screen while you […]