Creative Loafing’s Best of The Bay- Tampa’s Best Twitter Personality

Best of The Bay- Twitter Personality- Miss Destructo

Last year, about this time… I was making a huge life change, ridding myself of 75 percent of my possessions and moved back from Greenville, SC. It was a time of great uncertainty, being back in my hometown of Tampa, Florida. No money, all my old friends had gone away, however as much as I […]

Destructo After SOBcon: 5 Ways To Change Your Life

“Is this real life? Yes, Chris… SOBcon is real life…” After SOBcon, a three day social media/business/blogging mastermind convention in Chicago. I feel like the David After Dentist kid, it’s hard to step back into reality after three days of being surrounded by some of the most caring, innovative and successful people in the business. […]