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How To Change Your Life Using Social Media

I recently came across the tweets and blog of fellow Tampa twitterer @In11Months, and needless to say I saw a lot of myself someone who’s bio read “see how I will successfully use Social Media to achieve some major life goals.”, last year I went through a bit of a quarter life crisis. I still…

SXSW: This Year It’s Real.

Last year, some of you might remember the hashtag phenomenon I started on twitter #FakeSXSW, where we who could not attend made up fake events going on at the actual SXSW. I never thought I would actually make it to the actual event. A few weeks ago I visited the SXSW (South By South West)…

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Talking Twitter with Adam Lambert

Alright. I am a huge Adam Lambert fan, my father was actually the fan first religiously watching American Idol and dragging me into the living room to hear “the goth Elvis with the nail polish”. I sat there in awe, I saw a larger than life stage presence, someone that was going to really grab…