• humor
  • My Life As A Grit….

    Be Memorable. Be Sticky. Be A Grit. I  got a great comment from a reader awhile back… “I really enjoy the blogs, although I look at them more like a newsletter. Have you ever considered writing for a magazine or editorial? I think you would do great, and then you could make money for your […]

  • fashion
  • Twitter is PEOPLE!

    , The other evening I had a great idea for a Twitter related shirt, declaring “Twitter is PEOPLE!” giving reference to the movie Soylent Green and also the social aspect of Twitter. I totally want one and after seeing how many times that phrase was retweeted after telling the world my plans I was thinking […]

  • inspiration
  • Nothing Is Impossible…

    Not every puzzle needs to be solved.Not every riddle needs a solution.Not every query needs a reply.Not everything needs to be tagged, explained, numbered and filed away. Many times, it is the mystery of the answer that drives us; the idea of thequestion itself. It’s not always about knowing the outcome so much as takingthe […]