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  • Have You Ever Had It Blue?

    solve the mysteriesrule with your heartmake a change and evolvebecause a second chancewill never never come-Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma) I realized something powerful sitting in the closet last Thursday, okay crazy lady what were you doing pondering life IN the closet? Well, as far as I know it was the hand of God reaching down […]

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  • I’m Back From Outer Space a.k.a Florida

    We just told Darien that Darth Vader would melt his brain.@TheCastle in Ybor City, FLPhoto by The Drunk Camera Guy Well, it’s mighty great to be back in Greenville after a long nine-hour drive and three week stay in my hometown of New Port Richey, FL. But there are just some special things that Greenville […]