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  • SXSW: This Year It’s Real.

    Last year, some of you might remember the hashtag phenomenon I started on twitter #FakeSXSW, where we who could not attend made up fake events going on at the actual SXSW. I never thought I would actually make it to the actual event. A few weeks ago I visited the SXSW (South By South West) […]

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  • The Legend of Autumn in Florida

    That’s not humidity, it’s snowman tears…. Fall is my favorite season, it’s those early autumn mornings with a cool breeze and a cup of coffee that really give a magical quality to every day.  However,  Florida always seems to be the last kid on the bus when it comes to Fall. This year it seems […]

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  • About Amber Osborne

    Amber Osborne a.k.a Miss Destructo is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Meshfire, an artificial intelligence driven social media management software in Seattle, WA. She is also the former Vice President and Co-Founder at Head of Lettuce Media in Tampa, Florida specializing in social media brand management and consulting. Currently, her social media software company Meshfire […]

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  • Have You Ever Had It Blue?

    solve the mysteriesrule with your heartmake a change and evolvebecause a second chancewill never never come-Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma) I realized something powerful sitting in the closet last Thursday, okay crazy lady what were you doing pondering life IN the closet? Well, as far as I know it was the hand of God reaching down […]